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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10

Ukraine life

The directorial debut of Kateryna Gornostai, this film finds an introverted high schooler named Masha, who is only happy when she's hanging out with two other ousiders, Yana and Senia. Yet how will young love change everything? After all, Masha is in love with Sasha, Yana is in love with Senia and Senia is in love with Masha.

Even though this takes place a world away - much less a world in danger of Russian troops coming into its borders and possible igniting World War III, which is hinted at in this movie when Senia attends a class explaining how to load an AK-47 - the lives of these teens don't seem all that different from our country. And it reminds me - I'm glad that I am not growing up today with the pressures of identity, social media and nonstop harassment. It all seems so confining and full of anxiety even in comparison to my teen years in the 80s.

Gornostai started in documentaries and this movie uses that style throughout. It's a really earnest and nuanced take on the perils of growing up. But yeah, I'm totally good with never being a teenager ever again.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 7 / 10

"Do you think the snow in the sea is salty?"

Last year finding a bundle of gems during the online Glasgow Film Festival,I was intrigued to learn that this year the Edinburgh Film Festival is doing a mix of in person,and online screenings, which led to me going to meet Zemlia.

View on the film:

Breaking away from recording Masha's last year at school with in-character interviews, debut co-editor(with Nikon Romanchenko) writer/director Kateryna Gornostai & cinematographer Oleksandr Roshchyn superbly blur the line between documentary and fictional feature film maker, thanks to igniting a hangout atmosphere.

Gornostai criss-crosses from a disco lights-lit wonderfully understated high school prom dance sequence,to delicate, documentary-style close-ups on Masha taking the first step out of the safety net of being surrounded by her friends Yana and Senia (played by the terrific trio of Maria Fedorchenko, Arsenii Markov and Yana Isaienko, all of whom come from a non-professional acting background, which helps to give the friendship of the trio a naturalistic quality.)

Placing the emphasizes on exploring Masha's coming of age in hanging out with pals and self-discovery in her first real attempt for a romantic life, the screenplay by Gornostai dances to the documentary/hangout beat of the directing, as Masha battles her internal introverted mind-set whilst attempting to catch the loving eye of the more aloof Sasha,that is threaded by playful,driven by fluid hand held camera moves into extended set-pieces getting up close-close to Masha and her two best friends,as they stop Zemlia.

Reviewed by kot_depresnyak 10 / 10

I watched this movie bc of Twitter, so you need too

I heard a lot of bad reviews about this movie, and went to another city to watch it.

What can I say - people who said it's boring forgot their adolescence.

If I could give it mark, it would be 11/10, bc they were real children (teenagers actually) with real problems of our society, and most of times they just stay silent - and you feel their emotions through screen.

Characters are not good or bad here - they are alive.

And this movie touched my soul - like emotional tornado - and that's what is mean to be teenager.

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