Strange Colours



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zolizolidus-35734 6 / 10

A micro budget movie with characters that comes through.

Strange Colours refer to the color of the opals and this movie takes place out on the Australian outback in a opal mining community.

A young woman come and visit her not to well father. We get to see the mining community from daughters perspective. She get to meet her fathers friends, socialize with them at the pub and other places. We head down the mines and we get to see the countryside.

This is a debute movie by Alena Lodkina that earlier have done short documentarys, one of them about opal mining so I guess it came natural for her to go deeper into this.

When I watched it I felt like the speaking sound was a bit to loud. I dont know if it was the cinemas fault or if its the sound mixing error. Aside of that I think the relations between the characters feel very genuine and I dont know if that have to do with these people actually just being themself on screen and they are opal miners.

In the end it doesnt matter. I like the feel that this movie gives aside of the flaws I mentioned. I really like what Kate Cheel add to this movie.

Reviewed by aegoss 7 / 10

A very Australian story

Australians are known for their taciturnity and, when moved to speak, bluntness. This film takes the image to an extreme, the occasional talkative character comes as a shock, but they are soon on their way, and we are back to the sounds of the bush. But when people do speak, it is worth listening. The setting is an opal mining community, presumably Lightning Ridge, population 2000 odd, set in a bleak and dusty landscape, a refuge from a world grown too complicated, too abrasive, too heartless. It is a place people come to visit, and somehow never go away. It's not the beauty, as there is none, or the lure of riches, as opals are not that valuable. But it is a place where you can make a living if you are not too fussy how you live, where you will be accepted for who you are, not who you were, and where people look out for each other. A girl comes to visit her sick father. She is a psychology student, a well observed role, intending to go on to Alice Springs in a few days. She doesn't. To understand why, you must watch the film. It looks like most of the roles are played by themselves, local men, for it is almost all men out there, underplayed but vivid, warm, generous, accepting of each other's limitations. You may not like it, but if it comes your way, invest a little of your busy life, you may learn something.

Reviewed by shaun-wilson374-95572 10 / 10

Immersive Australian Cinema at it's best

It's true. Strange Colours, after watching it, gosh, maybe ten or so times, is now my second most favourite film of this century. Why? Because it's slowness is also it's strength. In a world of over saturated, fast cut and paced narratives, the mediative qualities which are so profound in this film traverse into a singularity which propels the film's story into an immersive experience brought about by a combination of the vacantness of the character's interaction with each other, moving performances, outstanding cinematography and of course, that music. By the halfway point, I regularly drift off where I don't need a story or a reason to keep watching because higher measures are in order, that is to say, the immersiveness of the bleak yet seductive landscape overcome my cinema senses until, by the end of the film, I don't care what was happening in the film because the film itself carried me away to a place of fulfilment, afforded by the ability that I just snuck out of reality of an hour and a half and on return, it had a meaningful impact on my sense of the world around me. Very few film makers can do this to me except, say, for Tarr and Tarkovsky. But now there are three directors in my quadrant and Lodkina is one of them. If this is what female directors produce in the fight for gender equality in the industry, I never want to see a male director again. They just can't keep up. Lodkina wipes the floor, and so she should.

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