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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johzerbe 1 / 10

horribly narcissistic and simply talentless in all respects.

Created an account just to vent for the last 10 wasted minutes of my life. I watched two parts of this intensely self obsessed manchild's 'documentary' on youtube and all I can say is I'm disgusted by his lack of any understanding whatsoever of the situation in Vancouver. His acting shows the worldview of a 9-year old child, and while the viewer is exposed to some of the shelters and 'behind the scenes' footage of life as a homeless person in the DTES, it all seems done only to support this dude's overblown ego. Unfortunately this piece of garbage remains at the top of google searches for 'Vancouver Homeless Documentary' (somehow), and anyone wanting to learn about the issue will be unpleasantly surprised when they see this.

Would love it if he could attempt to right his wrongs by removing this offensive material from Youtube, IMDb, and all physical copies of the film in his parents' westside basement.

Reviewed by jenniferlynnburke 1 / 10

Disgusting view of mental health and homelessness

Don't support this film. It's saddening to see someone who just does not get it' try to act as though living with mental illness, and homelessness and poverty, could be easy. Zero empathy, or understanding from this film. It's truly sad.

Reviewed by jenseto 1 / 10

Artificially constructed to mask as documentary

Like another user, I had to create an accoun just to write a review and vent . It took me a while to identify the emotion I felt watching this but it was anger. It upsets me the actor is trying to make us believe he is the same as those who are truly homeless.

Here are the obvious differences:

  • he's had a lifetime of good dental care.
  • he likely was supported by one or both parents and definitely by his brother (who held the camera).
  • he never walked the streets alone to be victim and aaa always in the company of his brother.
  • he always knew he would be done in 31 days. Having this to look forward to changes everything. He had hope always and knew the conditions were temporary.

I could go on and on. The drug use was gratuitous-he had to learn how to use a crack Pipe and how to shoot up. He wasn't even close to being addicted.

It turned those who are homeless around him the supporting cast of eccentric characters and himself the star where it was the other way around.

It's a shame that he put his dignity, compassion and health aside to sensationalize A very important problem-how do we care for those who are vulnerable and provide a very basic need: a safe place to call home.

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