Strong Island



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abdallahoc-61593 10 / 10

Great documentary

The whole point of this documentary is to humanize the victim and show the viewers the human side of this story. It just baffles me how some people here couldn't grasp this simple emotional-based point. We do need more of this kind of documentaries for us to feel each other's pain.

Reviewed by ryanlaurencecole 5 / 10

I wanted this to be The Thin Blue Line

I wanted this to be The Thin Blue Line. It wasn't. That's a pretty high bar for a doc. I was probably being unfair. But I was disappointed. The families rage at the murder of their son/brother came through. But the story of what happened didn't. It just felt like rage. Understandable, but not what I want in a doc.

Reviewed by michelegrey 9 / 10

Loss, love and injustice

Anybody who has read the synopsis knows this documentary is about the killing of young black man by a white man who was never convicted of his murder. It's the story of a family and friends still dealing with the grief, the loss and most of all, the injustice and inability to do anything about it. It's heartbreaking and their strength in dealing with the injustice is to be admired.

The outcome of a white man walking free for murdering a black man in 1992 is hardly surprising and it should give everyone pause that it's still not surprising today, 25 years later.

It's not an easy film but it's a worthwhile film.

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