Studio 666


Comedy / Horror / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1744

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Jenna Ortega as Skye Willow
Foo Fighters as Themselves
Jason Trost as Tech
Marti Matulis as The Caretaker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

The devil made me do it

We all know that Rock music is the devils work ... right? Right? No? Ok kidding aside (though pun certainly intended), you have to have the right mind set to watch this movie. Liking (or even loving) the Foo Fighters doesn't hurt either. Have to admit that my knowledge of them is more or less Dave Grohl - what a fun and funny Dude he seems to be. Maybe not the "character" he's playing here - but in real life.

Apart from the mood, you also have to be aware that the Foo Fighters are not trained or learned actors. It never bothered me a bit to be honest - but I read and have heard a lot of comments about their "inability" to act. I personally give them kudos for what they achieved. Yes there are moments that are weird to say the least - but you can always see them in the disguise of comedy and making fun of themselves - which they clearly do.

There is enough gore and blood to keep you on the edge, but also a lot of comedy too. Yes the pacing may be weird at times, but I enjoyed even the silent moments. And everything sort of makes sense in the end. I did not watch trailers, but many things seem to be out in the open even before you watch the movie - still this is a fun ride and if you spoil it and get too technical (no pun intended) ... you just are making it harder for yourself.

Reviewed by Quinoa1984 7 / 10

The Foo Fighters vs the Forces of Darkness. It's likeable crazy comedy horror

Once again we come to a movie where I'm uncertain if 2 or 15 stars is what I'd give it, so I'll settle on 7, this despite the fact that stars don't really matter with something like... this. I mean, what other film in the year of our lord two thousand twenty two will you see former Germs guitarist (and touring guitar for Nirvana as my wife pointed out) Pat Smear screaming his head off as CGI demons try to rip his head off? This is maybe the most baffling comedy-horror film I've seen in a theater since Tusk - and that isn't a put down, persay, it's just... what is this?! And why is Pat Smear sometimes not good at all and other times is very funny?

Studio 666 is written like it was by 14 year olds who just discovered heavy metal and/or the Evil Dead from their older brother's cabinet, while still coming from seasoned veterans (the director of Hatchet III no less), and who cares if like 3/4ths of the Foo Fighters aren't from the Stella Adler school? It hasn't stopped rock stars from appearing in stuff and for material like a story where a band has to record an album in a house that is a portal to hell they can meet the bare minimum.

You know as soon as you see the trailer if you'll go see it, in a theater, as I did with Scream 5 and had no idea it was coming and once I saw it my thought was "HELLS YEAH... HUH... SURE! Wait is that Lionel Richie? Yes!" It's bloody, dorky, chunky, stupid, awkward, puzzling, as funny as it sometimes is pretty unfunny (some of the timing of the sorta jokes fall flat), and if I were stoned I might put a monument to it in its honor.

I gotta get an Oral History of how this came to be some day soon. Other highlights: Will Forte's wig, John Capenter (who scored the opening with his son) appearing for a cameo and probably being paid with the whiskey he drank on set, and how hard it goes in act three. I haven't listened to Foo Fighters regularly since before I had my undergrad degree, and it made me semi curious.... nah, this movie is enough. One real downside: it's a little too long.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

Worth it just to see Kerry King play Dave Grohl's drum tech.

I knew I would like this movie from the start. Dave Grohl is a magical Rock geek and this movie extends that. I'm a little surprise Dave Grohl can't act cause I seen him in other movies but I am not shocked that the rest of the Foo Fighters looked stiff on camera, but the thing about the movie is even if your love of the Foo Fighters is just in passing, you'll love this movie cause the Foo Fighters are in it.

I mean watching Pat Smear just recite lines was so entertaining. No one else could have pulled that off, no other band could have pulled off being such god awful actors in a two hour film and hold my interest, but they were able to do that, and all with only little pieces of a new incremental they played over and over again as part of the plot.

The idea apparently was something the Foo Fighters just thought would be cool for the longest time and decided just to do it. As themselves, the Foo Fighters set out to make their 10th album different by recording in a mansion that is haunted. I personally have herd the myths of rock bands recording albums in haunted houses. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are on record stating they felt a ghostly presence in the house they recorded Blood Sugar Sex Magik in (Drummer Chad Smith even moved out because of it).

Typical of Dave Grohl, who seems to love Rock and Roll lore, decides to poke fun of the whole thing with his own horror parody.

It is a movie for all Rock fans and all Foo Fighter fans and well worth seeing.

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