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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tm-sheehan 8 / 10

Delightful film closes the Generation Gap

My Review - Sublet My Rating 8/10 It's so encouraging to me to see films today that sensitively depict contemporary GLBTQI issues like same sex families with children or same sex marriage would never even be discussed when I "came out" over 50 years ago . Most importantly films like "Sublet "that I think have a broad appeal to any open minded film audience that appreciates quality scripts acting and direction in their movies were rarely made.

Sublet is a 2020 Israeli-American drama film, directed by Eytan Fox, from a screenplay by Fox and Itay Segal. It stars John Benjamin Hickey and Niv Nissim.

Michael (John Benjamin Hickey) is a 50ish travel writer for The New York Times, travelling to Tel Aviv for work. He is a former bestselling author, having written a book about New York City during the peak of the AIDS crisis, in which he lost a good friend to the disease.

Instead of staying at a hotel, Michael meets Tomer (Niv Nissim), a younger and very handsome film student in need of some extra money, and sublets his apartment in a popular neighbourhood. The two gay men face a generational gap that puts their personal and clashing life philosophies into perspective.

Michael and his husband back home David (Peter Spears) recently lost their newborn child after going through the IVF program.

When David calls Michael from home it's obvious that there's tension in their longterm relationship especially when David wants the couple to try IVF again and Michael really has decided no not again.

Tomer seems drawn to Michael's quiet charm and intelligence Michael is obviously physically attracted to handsome Tomer . He asks Tomer to be his guide for the few days he's spending in Tel Aviv .

Their genuine affection builds as they compare their life values and experience and the script by Eytan Fox and Itay Segal flows naturally and honestly.

There's a beautiful dinner scene when Tomer takes Michael home to meet his mother and the discussion of raising children comes into the conversation prompting Michael to reevaluate the recent decisions he has made.

There's a real charm and honesty to this movie it's a pleasure to watch for so many aspects see it if you can.

Reviewed by chong_an 9 / 10

Not your usual travelog

A Jewish-American travel writer returns to Tel-Aviv for the 1st time as an adult. He is staying for 5 days, intending to write an article about non-tourist Tel-Aviv. He sublets an apartment rather than stay in a hotel, where the occupant, a pansexual, commitment-free university student of film studies, is planning on couch-surfing with friends for the duration. The writer ends up hiring the student to show him his world, while dealing with a disagreement with his husband back home.

There is an interesting view of what actual student life might be like, with glimpses of the cultural viewpoints of young Israelis, especially in contrast with older Americans - e.g. the writer is appalled that young artists are interested in hip Berlin as a career destination. There are also interesting reflections of what others see of you.

Reviewed by ozjosh03 8 / 10

Time out in Tel Aviv

Another superior gay-themed movie from Eytan Fox, the Israeli director of Cupcakes and Yossi and Jagger, among others. It's a simple, but well-observed story about a moment between two gay men from different cultures and different generations. Best of all, it's a showcase for the talents of John Benjamin Hickey, excellent in so many US TV series, from The Big C to Manhattan. It's nice to see him as the leading man. And he's well-matched by Niv Nissem, a young actor with the looks and charisma to make his character, who pretty much embodies the arrogance of youth, attractive. Sublet is also a pretty good snapshot of Tel Aviv, and of Israeli youth. I particularly liked Daria, the would- be dancer who decides she's going to rebel by being completely selfish. Worth the effort if you're in the mood for an intelligent, gentle, quietly moving movie.

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