2000 [FRENCH]


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Maxwell Caulfield as Agent Jim Carpenter
Dennis Weaver as Buck Stevens
Fred Williamson as Captain Masters
Fredric Lehne as Richard Layton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WentOnA777 1 / 10

I wasted 94 minutes of my life...

This movie was one of the worst I have ever seen (not including anything by or with Pauly Shore). I couldn't believe that a film could actually be THIS bad!

Coolio has to be the single worst actor (again, not including Pauly Shore) to ever "star" in a movie. The temptation to hit the STOP button during this movie was huge (in fact, if there was a THROW IN THE TRASH button on my VCR, I would have been inclined to press that).

Do yourself a favor, and do something more interesting than watch this movie, like watching the grass grow, or watching golf on TV.

Reviewed by clark2005 5 / 10

Stupid Yes.... but still fun!

Okay this isn't a great movie, but it is still fun to watch. The effects are bad and the old recycled footage doesn't work. But if you enjoy watching great character actors ham it up on screen, then you can enjoy this movie. Dennis Weaver, Fred Williamson, and the rest of the cast are all fun to watch and turn in good performances. I also enjoyed watching the very weak and predictable plot unfold on screen, because it is clear that no one involved in making this movie was trying to win an Oscar. Relax, turn of your brain and just enjoy it!

If you are like me and enjoy low budget movies then you should enjoy this one.

Reviewed by PSmith5407 2 / 10

This is a terrible movie that only gets worse and seems to never end.

This is a terrible movie that only gets worse and seems to never end. The acting was bad, the plot was worse, and the special effects seemed to have been created by a 5th grade science class. Dennis Weaver is such a great actor and should have never taken such a part. My advise, DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!

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