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Rick Hurst as Texas Customer
Peter Breitmayer as Shower Customer
Daniel Benzali as Reggie

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Reviewed by =G= 4 / 10

A harsh, biting look a the car sales game

This obscure little satire makes the point that there is "a sucker born every minute" and shows numerous examples to prove it. Examples which may be disconcertingly accurate. A sardonic spoof of the car sales business loaded with gratuitous sex, crime, and melodrama as filler, "Suckers" is a "B" flick a best. However, it is also a primer on scamming and could be worth watching before a trip to a car dealer.

Reviewed by DJAkin 10 / 10

Great car sales scum movie

I am giving this ten stars! Why? Because this movie captured my attention from beginning to end. The main character is that bald guy from Law and Order. He cusses like a sailor and encourages his sales staff to stick it to the customer throughout the entire movie. There are many un-nerving scenes where the customers are getting a raw deal. This is not a comedy at all and it's not a drama. It's more like Glen Gary/Glen Ross-ish. There are a lot of racist jokes in this movie and racism is a common threat throughout. Reggie, the bald guy is so full of hate that it's almost hard to watch him. He hates EVERYBODY. Eventually, drugs come into play and so does loan sharking etc. There is a tad of violence in this movie as well. This movie is very easy to watch and never gets boring. Thanks to that bald guy from Law and Order.

Reviewed by SusieSalmonLikeTheFish 2 / 10

Too perverse to be funny after the fist few minutes

The plot itself is very creative; I've always loved seeing films that portray things from the POV of employees, e.g. Silkwood (1983) and Stalking Laura (1993). Suckers had potential, and at first was pretty funny.

The problem is, when the first racist joke was cracked, just seconds later the whole thing spiraled into 87 minutes of sleazy salesmen who seem to talk about nothing but sex and money. In fact many of them are perverted sex maniacs and the whole film is highly predictable. The ladybug joke was pretty bad and there are many more disgusting scenes I'd rather not discuss.

It's highly disappointing, sad and pathetic when a film with so much potential gets wrecked with sex, swearing and racism. I really wouldn't bother watching this if I were you.

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