Suite 313


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 508

Keywords:   gore, found footage, special agent, secret experiment, first person view

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vmalast 1 / 10


I couldn't give away any spoilers if I tried! 63 minutes long? Felt like an eternity. I must confess I only watched for about 15 minutes (I did FF a few times). Loose your brain cells on something more productive like drugs.

Reviewed by Randall-Flagg01 2 / 10

A 5.6?!?!?

Obviously the people associated with this "movie" had their friends come and give high ratings. I found no redeeming qualities what so ever. Its only 63 minutes long but I honestly could not make it all the way through, as it felt like 3 hours. No plot, no acting, lousy effects, just a load of crap all around. Skip it.

Reviewed by torroutedipz 3 / 10

Should've been 30 minutes

Okay, if you're planning on sitting down and having this be you're evening movie, you will be furious. From the beginning, when he gets the instructions to respond to the call I thought it had the feeling of a first person horror video game, and that's exactly what it ended up being. The instructions, choices, cheesy dialogue...but as someone who likes those games I was entertained a little. It did have the suspense of navigating through a puzzle to survive, but it definitely ran too long. I was really enjoying it at first, but halfway through, I was thinking that was enough. So it's entertaining (albeit limited), but don't make it your evening feature, just a little something extra.

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