Summer of Changsha

2019 [CHINESE]


IMDb Rating 5.6 10 166

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Reviewed by raptandy 5 / 10

Summer of Boredom

This film which reminded me of Black Coal Thin Ice has several problems one of which is it failure to connect with the audience in every possible way. Given the film's problematic history-withdrawn the last moment from Cannes-this is no surprise. It is quite obvious that lots of thing were cut out by the government censorship bureau before this film was released in Chinese cinemas. What remains does not make much sense. Several subplots do not seem to head anywhere and many key sequences-such as a double suicide attempt-come out as very confusing, while others such as the search for a cement block with a severed head inside, are downright stupid. The lack of tension and the disoriented performances only add to the confusion. Summer in Changsha fails to deliver as a crime thriller and as a psychological study. If you want to watch a good Mainland thriller go for Touch of Sin, A Wild Goose Lake, or Black Coal Thin Ice. Instead of watching Summer of Changsha, you're better off sunbathing.

Reviewed by ironorefish 9 / 10

From a actor to director

Recommended by a friend, have to say that it is a good story with excellent performance. Quite impressed by Feng Zu previous works, and believe that this film gave him the first big break at becoming a super director. Hope more to come in the near future!

Reviewed by yugantian 9 / 10

Full of expectations

This movie is Mr Zu' s maiden work as a director, got a chance to compete in Cannes film festival 2019, can not be more successful!

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