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Cristina Raines as Kate Hayden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hez-10 10 / 10

Please tell me I can get this wonderful movie on DVD

I saw this movie when I was a teenager and I absolutely loved it. I remember that I cried like a baby. Like so many others, I only saw it once, and I have since scoured everywhere looking for a personal copy to keep. I have just watched Love Story with my daughter, and I was telling her how good "Sunshine" was, compared to Love story. We both want to see it now, me because I loved it so much originally, and her because I've told her about how great it is, and how sad it is, and how its the type of movie that never leaves you, once you've seen it, it just touches you. I recall seeing it with a boyfriend in Perth, and we both walked out of the cinema crying our eyes out. He was a very blokey (macho)man, very tough, and I think its the only time I ever saw him cry, not only over a movie, but over anything. I just want to see it again. If anyone knows where I can get a copy, please put a message here. I will be eternally grateful. If anyone reading this has the power to get it on to DVD.... please do so. I imagine there are a lot of us out there who are waiting to see this fabulous movie again.

Reviewed by fortier-1 10 / 10

excellently filmed, perfect casting

It has been over thirty years since I first saw this movie and I still remember its effect on me. I bought the novel soon after and read it until the pages fell out. Someone asked me at a job interview who my most influential person and I said Jacquelyn Helton because she had the courage to do what she thought was right all the while knowing what the outcome would be. This movie is an inspiration to anyone who takes life for granted and makes you realize that no matter how long you live whether it is 20 years or a hundred, its not the length but the quality of that life, make it count, and above all else, love.

Reviewed by marpetrescu91 9 / 10

A story about life, love and freedom

I saw the movie right after its release, in Europe. I was so impressed that I went to see it again in theaters. I learned all the songs and I discovered John Denver through this movie. The moment I arrived in Canada I tried to look for a tape, later on for a DVD. I see that is rated 7.4 and I don't understand why that many bad movies with bad ratings are on the market but this isn't. Shirley is right. To release another movie with the same name and totally different subject is deceiving and not right. What happened? Why can't we find this movie in the stores or at blockbuster? I join all the voices that ask for this movie on DVD. In a world flooded with movies full of violence, bad language and hatred lets have "Sunshine" (1973) for a change!

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