Sunshine Follows Rain

1946 [SWEDISH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 143

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bchil103 9 / 10

The power of music

This movie is based upon a prizewinning novel by the Swedish author Margit Söderholm and was elected 'film of the year' 1946 in Sweden. It tells the story about the impossible love between the poor folkmusician Jon and Marit, the only daughter of a rich farmer. It all sounds like something we have heard and seen before and it certainly is. But as we know, things can be done in different ways and it also goes for movies. Due to first class direction, excellent and convincing performance by the actors, the magnificent music, and beautiful pictures from the Hälsingland county in Sweden, this film becomes a little masterpiece. I've seen quite a lot of this type of movies and this one could easily be compared with Ophüls' "Liebelei". I give it a 9 and recommend it strongly.

Reviewed by ulf-635-523367 6 / 10

Rustic atmosphere and an enticing violin

Big farmer Germund is planning a wedding for his daughter Marit with the local farmer boy, Mats. Everything seems to be going according to plan. But one day Marit meet with fiddler Jon, a bastard who enchants youth with his violin. Everything is just like the old reliable drawings. Folkmusic, barn dance photos, fights, rough fists groping the heroines bosoms, grand environmental images, the fresh fragrant of scouring-soap and lots of rustic atmosphere. In Mai Zetterling as farmer's daughter the director Gustaf Edgren has found the personified Swedish summer night, as both the seductive twilight and the sober dawn in her blond revelation. And Alf Kjellin as Jon in dark curly wig gives a solid interpretation of the fiddlers temperament and the abrupt shifts between melancholy and frivolity. Both Zetterling and Kjellin later moved on to become well known international film directors. "Driver dagg faller regn" was the first Swedish film to gross more than 1,5 million Swedish krona. It took more than ten years to break that box office record. Ingmar Bergmans "Smultronstället" (Wild strawberries) did in 1957.

Reviewed by Catharina_Sweden 10 / 10

A magic movie about love, life and the essence of Sweden

This is a very "Swedish" movie. If you want to understand us and our history - which for most people took place in what we call "allmogesamhället" = rural society - you should watch this movie! It is about our folk music, folk dances, folk tales, folk beliefs... about our wild nature, our hard winters, our strangely light and fair summer nights, our fairy stories, and our Christian faith.

It is also - and foremost - a great love story. One of the best that has ever been written! About a (comparatively) rich girl, who gives everything up to be able to live with the poor and despised man that she has fallen in love with. And it is about fatherly love, and about redemption, and the continuing of life in new generations...

To put it shortly: this movie is about life itself, and it is hardly possible to make a better movie, that would render so much happiness and hope and the feeling of meaning of life!

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