2016 [GREEK]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulihnat 7 / 10

Pretty Cool

Greek islands are known for letting loose and getting it on. Easy chick is there with her friends and they are thin, nubile, horny and flaunting. The thin, naked and tanned bodies on display and the easy dirty blonde makes real men hard and excited to watch. Yet, the film throws you for a loop. The girls by all rights must be the easiest for a doctor, but the island's new doctor is a fat slob who does not touch enough and makes the mistake of not wearing his white coat uniform which makes chicks even wetter. The dude instead exposes his fat belly. Way to go loser. Still worth watching for the chicks, Greek islands and something different.

Reviewed by markela-vicious 8 / 10

A stunning composition

I saw this movie at its premiere, at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2016. The plot is a really simple story of a disappointed 40-something year old man, Kostis (Makis Papadimitriou, "Chevalier"), who, while working as a doctor in Antiparos island, falls passionately in love with a young Anna (Elli Trigkou). The movie is set in the beautiful, yet crazy scenery of Antiparos, and it portrays its atmosphere and hedonistic frenzy in a vivid and realistic way. The drunkenness of summer and the liberal power of youth, as captured by the lens of Argyris Papadimitropoulos ("Wasted Youth"), are constantly being collated with the awkward phase of the middle aged body and the protagonist's useless struggle of overlooking it. The photography and visuals of the movie are stunning. Each frame is carefully set in a way that the characters inner selves are revealed through nature. The documentary-like feel of some of them serves as a catalyst in enclosing the atmosphere of the place through the unfolding of the plot. The body, and the ways we perceive it are also part of the plot, so be prepared for a lot of nudism and strong language. Makis Papadimitriou seems to be the best choice of portraying the disappointed, dissatisfied man who falls victim of his own passions. His performance is excellent, realistic and never over the top. Elli Trigkou is also convincing as Anna, and the rest of the cast seems to be carefully chosen. All in all, this movie is the vivid and painful hymn of the coming of middle age. A must see.

Reviewed by alexanderjiho 7 / 10

Sure She Is A Fluzzy

But I would totally tap that. The doctor in this film lets his loins guide him even after he penetrates the chick, but easy girls like that are only good for the old in and out and not repeat tasting. So there. A tale from the Greek isles.

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