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Linda Cardellini as Pet Store Employee
Liv Tyler as Sarah
Ellen Page as Libby
Kevin Bacon as Jacques
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Reviewed by Mr-Fusion 7 / 10

Dark, twisted, and oddly-endearing. A winner.

This is one that really came outta left field. Up until now, my only exposure to Rainn Wilson was as Dwight Schrute. And he's not even my favorite character on "The Office". But the man deserves high praise for his performance as the jilted lover-turned amateur superhero in "Super" - a movie that (having not known what to make of the trailers) turned out to be a pleasant surprise, indeed.

Wilson's seemingly fairytale marriage shatters when his recovering addict wife (Liv Tyler) runs out of the house and into the arms of drug-dealing Kevin Bacon. Believing his wife to be kidnapped (and sick of being perceived as weak) and with the help of an eager comic shop employee (Ellen Page), Wilson stitches a costume, take up a wrench and hits the streets as The Crimson Bolt. Page joins the unlikely enterprise as his overzealous sidekick and the duo arm themselves to the teeth and take the fight to Casa de Bacon.

Wilson is impressive as the deeply conflicted Christian who finds himself doling out some seriously violent street justice. It's at times goofy role, but nothing like his signature goofiness on "The Office" (no mean feat). Page is v(she's very likable here). And Bacon brings a hilarious detachment to the asshat dealer, making it a almost ironic performance.

I'm pretty sure this movie contains the funniest ass-kicking montage I've ever seen. The early days of The Crimson Bolt's crime-fighting career are spent smacking guys in the head with a wrench ... and more often than not, just running away. That's his shtick. Naturally, the character becomes more earnest as time wears on, adopting an almost Batman-like intensity in his punishment approach, and the movie (as a whole) follows this trajectory as the once-lighthearted and silly premise becomes ever more serious and violent.

What began as a dark comedy eventually dims all the way to black and increasingly brutal. But out of the death and destruction emerges an end result that manages to be sweet and, dare I say, poignant.


Reviewed by Mike E 7 / 10

A Yes


A piece of art is either Good or Bad. A Yes, you would recommend it to others or a No, don't waste your time

Reviewed by hart-92734 4 / 10

I feel gross

Main character is a psychopath. Overall poor movie. Had some good characteristics. The overall development and pacing were excellent. The main character has mental problems, so he fight crime by almost murdering bad people. Walks up to bad person and knocks them out cold, severe damage, then says a catch phrase to the dying body on the ground. But he finds a side-kick who is half his age and also has mental issues. Then they have sex and I want to like it because Ellen Page looks great, but it is just too gross to have a 45 year old, ugly, psychopath, bang a cute 22 year old.

The bible character, played by Nathan Fillion, had good, entertaining segments.

This movie needs a remake/reboot. It could have been good, but it just isn't.

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