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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tanzeriana 2 / 10

...but what about the steroids?

If you look at the movie from the standpoint of great BS and marketing of these useless products, its a 10. It's just a big promotional add for supplements. Why not tell the truth as to how these people really gained their muscles: Anabolic Steroids. Even your hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger finally admitted his heavy use of steroids is what really made his massive muscles, not supplements. This entire industry wouldn't exist if it weren't for anabolic steroids. I fell for this supplement bs when I was a teenager but it wasn't until I was in my early 20's and began taking steroids that I really understood how muscle growth really works - and the incredible damage to the body anabolic steroids wreak on a young body. What a shame it is promoting this marketing movie for the billion dollar supplement business as a "documentary". I feel sorry for all of the young men (and woman!) who will fall prey to pouring all of their hard earned money into a useless product and marketing behemoth. I worked in the fitness and body building industry for 20 years and saw this farce played out over and over again.

Reviewed by jonmills23 10 / 10

Top Class from Alex Ardenti

Supps is a great movie that really highlights the journey of the supplement industry from infancy to the multi-billion dollar powerhouse it currently is. I really enjoyed a lot of the history and seeing some of the really old ads. It's also fascinating to see how everything evolved, from fitness, to the active ingredients in the supplements, all the way to the psychology of the marketing departments. One of the scenes that really struck me was the interview with Mike O'Hearn where he describes a Joe Weider ad with Arnold in it. To see the ad be still burned into his memory so vividly after so many years was just incredible. This is really a must watch movie if you take supplements, are into fitness, marketing or even psychology. You won't be disappointed.

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