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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 9 / 10

Living life off the grid comes at a price

Avid surfer and licensed doctor Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz decides to live life totally outside the established traditional system with his wife Juliette and nine children who he crams inside a 24-foot camper. The Paskowitz family barely get by the skin of their teeth and are always traveling from one place to another over the course of a decade.

Director Doug Pray does a remarkably well balanced job of getting everybody's side of this remarkable true-life story of one man who dared to live life on his own singular terms. The only problem herein is that Dorian eventually wound up enforcing his own peculiar take on life on his kids who weren't 100% behind it, which in the long run led to all kinds of conflicts between Dorian and his offspring as well as amongst the siblings themselves. All the complexities and difficulties of family life are caught with exceptional clarity and that's exactly why this documentary proves to be so potent and moving. While Dorian's life philosophy and hard-nosed attitude toward child rearing are open to debate (for example, Dorian was vehemently against letting his kids receive a proper formal education), one nonetheless must still give the man credit for having the strength of his own unique convictions. He certainly did it his way.

Reviewed by jboothmillard 5 / 10


This documentary film formerly featured in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, I couldn't find any reviews by critics, but it sounded interesting. This film tells the story of legendary surfer, health advocate and sex guru, Dr. Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz (also producing the film) and his family. At 85-years-old, Dorian recalls many of his past experiences being a lifeguard, a surfer, and a surfing instructor, which eventually led to him living off the earth, travelling on the road going through the various states of America, particularly those with beaches. He and his wife Juliette talk about how they met each other, their undying love for each other, and they also openly talk about their sex life. Throughout their marriage in the 1960s and 1970s, Doc and Juliette have nine children, eight boys and one girl: David, Jonathan, Abraham, Israel "Izzy", Moses, Adam, Salvador, Josh, and Navah. All of the children were home-schooled, raised in a small camper on the beaches of Southern California, Hawaii, Mexico and Israel. There they surfed and had to adhere to the strict diet and lifestyle of animals in the wild, guided by their passionate and demanding, health-conscious father. All the children raised under such extraordinary circumstances eventually grew up and went on to various realistic careers, including in film, television and music. The family are all reunited by the end of the film for the celebration of Doc's 85th birthday. Paskowitz, Juliette and their children are interesting characters, especially the husband and wife who are not nervous or embarrassed to talk about their approaches to sex, and where and when they did it. The title would lead you to believe it is all about surfing, there are moments where you see it, and obviously we see the articles and archive footage over the years of Doc and the family talking about it. This is much more the story of a man who pursued his dreams and dragged his family along for the wild ride, an interesting documentary. Worth watching!

Reviewed by lastliberal 7 / 10

Are memories enough?

This movie is not about surfing, although that is the background. It is a movie about parenting.

"Doc" Paskowitz drops out and becomes a surfer. he marries and has nine children. They all travel about the country in a 24' trailer.

Now, one can imagine the effect on the children as their brothers and sisters were being made right before their eyes in that trailer. They had sex every single night. "Doc" had his life, but what about them? No schools, no friends, just traveling from place to place so daddy can find himself.

Of course, you may accept his beliefs that "cultures (like ours) that are all f*cked up about f*cking, will decline and cause wars." And, maybe you can accept that having a bad family is better than no family.

But, you have to agree that his method of parenting had serious implications for how his children lived in the real world.

I couldn't have went back.

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