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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 3 / 10

this is no horror film...

More an adventure / parapsychic/mystery film for kids with some very basic touches of vfx alla star wars 1976 level. its a kids film made for adolescents on somebodys wallets and wills, but it is an adventure. so if you are a parent, fosterparent adoptive parent or work within the childprotection and orphans, then you might feel the hitch in your right leg, yeah lets try that.

i cant say its a bad film, the filmographic elements are good, so are the editing and some of the sound work too, but most of all i will praise the childactors that are able to carry most of the story on their own shoulders, without shaking heads wrinkling forheads and anxious looks for mum, ''are you there''?...bravo and 7 out of 10 to them. also the elected sites of filming locations and natural scenes hold high standards.

so if your into the science of orphanology or extremely fond of sosciodynamical institusionalized children research, or simply just love kids on the block, give this film a chance, the rest can let it pass, and find scare and horror somewhere else. i give 3 for efforts, 7 for the kids, and zero for the choice of genre, that gives a median of 3.3 stars from the grumpy old man

Reviewed by ks-60500 2 / 10

Horror ?

Which part is horror? Seeing the kids messing around is the horror? Couple of things in this movie makes me feel can watch but the story just bad.

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