Surviving the Wild

2018 [GERMAN]

Action / Adventure / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 239

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by larrys3 5 / 10

Just Couldn't Buy In Here

When 13-year-old Shaun's (Aidan Cullen) grandfather Gus (Jon Voight) dies, to whom he was very close, Shaun wants to spread his ashes on "Delilah's Peak", in the Kentucky hillsides. However, his parents Rachel and Kris (Vail Bloom and Jamie Kennedy) will have none of it.

Encouraged and guided by the spiritual and "physical presence" of Gus, Shaun decides to take the risky trek to "Delilah's Peak" himself, along with Gus's aging dog Riley. He'll lie to each parent, who are divorcing and living separately, that he's going away with the other.

Shaun will encounter all kinds of dangers on this journey as you can imagine. Predictably, the parents will eventually figure out what has happened, and so do you think they might call the police? Let's just say that's one of a number of moronic decisions and plot elements that the viewer is asked to swallow.

I thought this movie, which has some spiritual themes thrown in along the way, has its moments but it just all seems to get more preposterous as it continues. Sorry, I just couldn't buy in to all of this. At least the cinematography was gorgeous.

To note, on my DVD copy obtained at Redbox, there were only Spanish subtitles, but I was able to access English subtitles through my remote closed captions.

Reviewed by rutzelb 5 / 10

Not So Wild

Young Shaun (Aidan Cullen) with Riley his dog, lies and steals his deceased grandfather Gus' (John Voight) Urn- from his mother to spread ashes on a remote mountain. We see Gus almost every step of the way and only Shaun can see and hear him.

This seems to be a made-for-tv movie. It's okay, but I didn't have any feeling for Shaun or for Riley either and that should have happened. John Voight was okay as the deceased Gus with his words of wisdom and encouragement to Shaun from time to time. The trip to the mountain and what Shaun encounters during the journey was kind of tame to be honest, and oh, yes, two men in the woods and we are not sure what that was all about. No, no Deliverance but those scenes did come to mind. Hey, this is a family movie, but who or what were these two men is a mystery that was never explained.

Later the almost-divorced parents learn they had been duped by Shaun and go looking for him on that remote mountain. No real suspense or tension within this movie. Like I said: a made for tv movie, a walk in the park. Tame.

Notables: Jamie Kennedy as Kristopher, Shaun's father; Vail Bloom as Rachel, Shaun's mother; Derick Van Orden as Jebediah one of the men in the woods; and Matthew Davis as Eartle as one of the men in the woods.

The cinematography should have been better than it was. There were too many shots too up close to the fauna and not enough long shots of the scenery except for maybe one shot. There was a nice pastel sunset though.

A note of caution: Most everyone knows, by now, to never spread cremation ashes and to secure the URN in a safe place.

At the end, would it surprise you to know that Rachel says she thinks she did see Gus too? Hmmmm................ (5/10)

Violence:: Yes, but not much. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Humor: Much between Gus and Shaun. Language: Brief small stuff. Rating: C

Reviewed by dixiedoggg 1 / 10

Tearjerker for the ignorant...

Terrible acting, unexplained goofiness, but beautiful scenery.

Kid's grampa died and he lies and steals to get up to mountaintop to spread gramp's ashes. Kid has a mental problem where he hallucinates and hears voices from dead grandpa. Kid goes through made up hell to reach destination and all turns out well.

It is real hard to feel any kind of compassion for any of the characters in this film. They all seem either totally devoid of feelings or they are annoying as hell. It seems the movie was written as the thing was filmed, disjointed and confused.

I hate movies where they show things unnecessary to the plot, and you are left wondering what is going on. The dog has what appears to be a go-pro camera on his collar, but never once is it alluded to or explained, so the viewer is left to wonder "What the hell is on that dog's collar?" for the whole film. Close ups of the mother had me wondering what that growth was on her upper lip. Where did the hillbillies come from and why, and why are they attacking and kidnapping the boy ? How come the dog didn't save the boy then instead of the next day ? Why in God's sake didn't the idiotic parents call the cops when their son went missing ? Why in the beginning of the film is it Autumn with leaves changing, but later on interspersed through the film the leaves on all the trees are green ? And then back to changing colors ? In the scene where the pathetic father checks on his wife in the tent at night, why is there a blinking red light in the forest behind him ? The poor dog is seen in almost every scene to be looking at the dog trainer behind the camera waiting for his next instruction...

After about 5 minutes I sensed this movie was a train wreck, but I wanted to see the end result. My wife did cry in the end though.

Jn Voight could have done much better than this drivel.

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