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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by greyvelvet7 10 / 10

A must see rock doco

I attended the Melbourne premiere of this flick, which director Liam Firmager and Suzi Q herself attended and did a 1 hour q&a. The film was incredible, it traversed her entire career right up until now. It depicted her struggle gaining fame in the USA, her drama with her family and her projects after music. The film included interviews from Debbie Harry and Alice Cooper and had some really funny moments and gave us a deep insight into the life and music of Suzi Q. Hats off to Liam Firmager for getting the rights to all the archival footage shown in the film (over 400 pieces) of interviews and pictures and video. Most in high definition. This film is truly a joyful insight into Suzi and a great rock documentary in general. Check it out!

Reviewed by scottyh-97065 10 / 10

Fantastic documentary

Suzi Quatro is the Queen of Rock, she not only opened the door for women to pick up guitars drums and any other instrument they could find and just get out there. She blew it open.

This documentary is fantastic and honest and showed how America was not yet ready for Suzi Quatro in 1973.

Suzi paved the way for Blondie The Runaway's Joan Jett and many others, so that they could go off into the world of show biz with their great material and give us their music from the influence of what Suzi Quatro had already achieved.

Suzi is spoken very highly of throughout this documentary, except for her some of her sisters, sibling rivalry oh well. Even though she was not all that well known in the states, the American public came to know her as Leather Tuscedero and her huge hit with Chris Norman from Smokie Stumblin In.

Her career has had many twists and turns doing acting and UK TV and musicals as well as the odd pantomime. Such a great career, but the best thing was about Suzi Quatro was her music, great songs great albums, and being a kid living in Australia watching the whole Suzi Quatro experience unfold it was great, and it still is she is still working very hard, a new album out next year and another book out this year.

A movie in the works of her life my god there is just so much to this powerhouse of a little lady there was never anybody who told her no you can't she would say watch me.

Reviewed by mrflyingpig 10 / 10

If you don't know Suzi's story, you should.

Suzi Quatro followed her dreams and became not only an amazing bassist and singer, but also a trailblazer for women in rock. Growing up near Detroit, and always into it's music scene, past and present, I thought I knew Suzi's story pretty well. I was astounded with how much I didn't know. This documentary is exceptionally well done and tells Suzi's story without a dull moment. Why Suzie Quatro never hit it as huge in the US as she did in the UK and Europe is beyond me. Musician. Singer. Actress. Poet. That's Suzie Quatro.

If you don't know her story, you should. Definitely worth watching.

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