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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 98%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 1474

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wilcabral-43556 7 / 10


Good movie, but at the end I had a perception of a good idea a little badly developed. Some points of this world of web celebrities could be better explored. However, the director was sutil and soft in certains points of views, as in the triviality of relationships, in the loneliness and in the corrosive relation with the protagonist's mother.

Reviewed by jops-1 9 / 10

An excellent and very modern film

Sweat shines on so many levels and is a breath of fresh air in so many ways. The combination of intense close up facial camera work and hyper realistic acting give this movie a modern, uncomfortable, interrogational edge in keeping with the forensic scrutiny of anyone living in the modern media influencer bubble. The excellent, nuanced lead performance of Magdalena Kolesnik as Sylwia has plenty of other great performances to bounce off of, particularly her mother, played by Aleksandra Kolieczna. The intimate, unflinching, naturalistic directional style of Magnus Von Horn is showed off to maximum effect in the conversational scenes between Sylwia and an old school acquaintance in a shopping mall and later with a large family group around a dinner table. In both cases all performers seem totally natural and oblivious to the camera giving the film a wonderfully voyeuristic overtone... loved it.

Reviewed by Pairic 8 / 10

Influencers are Also Human

Sweat: Sylwia (Magdalena Kolesnik) is a Fitness Trainer and Instagram Influencer. While she does suffer from the attention of a real life and online stalker/creep some of her colleagues aren't much better. Her family, in particular her mother, don't realise how real online harassment can become. The constant pressure of trying to smile all the time - a sponsor is concerned when Sylwia cries on a vid - takes it out of her. Even when going upstairs she posts selfie vids. Sylwia is not a victim though, neither is she a narcissist. A very human film with great performances from Magdalena and her dog, Jackson. Written & Directed by Magnus von Horn. 8/10.

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