Sweet Autumn


Comedy / Family / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 592

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Andrew W. Walker as Dex Walters
Nikki Deloach as Maggie Murphy
Paul Essiembre as Ron Walters
Stephanie Sy as Ella
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jagfannn 6 / 10

Is it just me?

I'll start by saying I love the cast here but, yet again, the male lead character starts out being so arrogant, unlikable and distasteful, he can't earn enough redemption by the end to make "romance" with the female lead feel heartwarming. Not enough chemistry between them to pull it off.

Writers need to stop being so extreme with the arc of the characters, extreme is not better, it's just extreme.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 4 / 10

No Cliché left untouched

Soooooooooooo Boring. I'll have to disagree with most of the reviewers here. I usually like Nikki Deloach and Andrew Walker. But Nikki had a weird hairdo and no opportunity to shine because of the dull script and Andrew was just meh in this one for the same reason. It all centers on the over-used- to-death plot of the successful woman's having to return to her small town to run a business she inherited but has to share with a handsome man who she conflicts with. Lord, I almost fell asleep typing that. Throw in the obligatory festival and a frolic and there you have it. This one, however, is made worse by the dead aunt she inherited the candy store (SWEET Autumn, get it?) from reaching back from the grave by leaving cloying and hackneyed words of advice for the couple in order to bring them together. This was a lazy effort and unworthy of the talent.

Reviewed by MIssM19 9 / 10

This is how it's done!

In the last movie review Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker had I wrote this: "It's rare to see two leads working together again, three seems pretty impossible, but I really hope they get to do another movie together." It took them 3 years but it's finally here!

Ok, the plot is nothing we haven't seen. Both leads receive part of a inheritance: a candy shop, Maggie wants to expand the business but Dex doesn't. (He wants to keep production at a city level).

I had big expectations of this movie because of the leads, whom are among my favorites duos of Hallmark, and i'm happy to tell you these expectations were fullfiled! You can tell these two are good friends because they have amazing chemistry. The characters have a funny banter. We have a good secondary cast as well. Kudos to the set designers because the Autumn vibes made me happy. I'm even happy about how the managed what I call the "pre-ending problem", and while I don't quite excuse Maggie's decision at least they didn't behave like children. I'm already wishing for a fourth movie.

A match made in heaven (literally).

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