Sweet Carolina


Drama / Romance

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Christine Chatelain as Ellie Gable
Jesse Moss as Jeff Wilder
Nathan Witte as Nathan Grant
Cassidy Nugent as Delilah Gable
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox 8 / 10

Hallmark takes a daring step in the right direction.

It's not often Hallmark actresses get to portray anguish on camera. Luckily they have a real pro and bona fide actress in Lacey Chabert, who did a very credible job. I can think of very few in the stable of regulars who could have pulled off the scene where she learns her beloved sister and brother-in-law have been killed. I cried. The whole ensemble handled the story very well. You can tell they pulled out the "big guns" to meet the challenge of a script that actually called for a range of emotion: Gregory Harrison and Teryl Rothery as the parents, good ole Peter Benson as the city boyfriend who gets dumped for the small town coach, who was played by the always welcome Tyler Hynes. I appreciated that they got a normal looking kid who could act to play the introverted son.

There were very realistic problems and conflicts that had to be resolved. The father was a good guy, but too controlling. Gregory Harrison managed to keep him likable. I groaned when they were setting up for the customary Hallmark food fight ( or snowball fight if it's winter) but it was actually funny, thanks to the performances.

It was good to see Hallmark break out of it's own box a little bit. Fear not, most of the usual templates were still in place, but baby steps! Kudos.

P. S, I just noticed that Lacey Chabert was actually one of the writers. You go, girl!

Reviewed by youngandrestless12345 9 / 10

Raising Helen, Hallmark style....

I enjoyed the movie and the family relationships. Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes are good co-stars. This could be a great new episodic Series.

Reviewed by taylornan0909 7 / 10

Not one of my favorite HM movies but worth the watch

You can't go wrong with Lacey and Tyler. This was a sad story but had lots of happy moments too. I wish they had developed Lacey and Tyler's romance further. May be reason for a sequel.

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