Sweet Surrender


Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.0 10 624

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Arielle Kebbel as Nancy
Constance Marie as Sandra
Haylie Duff as Chelsea

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Reviewed by huggibear 7 / 10

This was a great Hallmark movie! 7 Stars from me!

Although IMDb says it is a Drama, Family and Romance movie, there was some great comedy in it as well. It was very real and touching. The acting was exceptional by Adam Mayfield. He made it seem genuine. Arielle Kebbel is cute and plays an awesome police officer. When the Mayor requests her into her office to ask her what should have clearly been some personal questions that were none of her business, I would have written something a bit more 'in-your-face' to the Mayor such as 'And why do you believe my personal life affairs are any of your business?' And then they never got back to the sewer and plumbing repairs for closure. I guess the money they raised was enough to cover that as well?? So those are the only two things I would have changed if I were the writer. Otherwise, excellent Hallmark film!

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

The Family Legacy

Young Adam Mayfield has returned to his home in small town red state America to take care of his grandmother who is ailing and her bed&breakfast which is something of a small town tradition. The place has gone a bit to seed. In doing so he postpones on a promise to work for an old army ranger buddy Sean O'Bryan in a private security firm.

Rich yuppie type Jonathan Bennett who is the fiancé of Mayor Haylie Duff knows there's money to be made with that location it would make a great strip mall with a new highway coming through. Typical insider trading stuff.

However Mayfield has come to believe the bed&breakfast is some kind of family tradition. Encouraging him in this belief is Arielle Kebbel who is a police officer in the town and romance begins over a traffic ticket.

I have to say this is one of the sillier Hallmark movies. Not that the world needs yet another strip mall, but had I been him and learned of the fast one that is attempting to be pulled, I'd have held out for a good price on the place, enough to pay back taxes and live comfortably for a while. I'm really not seeing a legacy here.

Reviewed by havercampam 3 / 10

Not a good romantic match.

Haylie Duff does not seem suited for this part with Adam Mayfield. I love all the Hallmark movies...but there is no romantic chemistry between the main characters. It's just not believable. This was disappointing. I like Haylie Duff...just not in this part or this movie.

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