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Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 10 / 10

Sweet nothings.

Nearing the closing weekend of the 2021 Glasgow Film Festival,I decided to go for one of the three "World Premier" screenings/streams taking place. Becoming curious about the title due to it being the only one of the trio I could not find any advance reviews of,I got set to meet my sweetheart.

View on the film:

Revealing in a interview with the two lead actresses afterwards that the film was shot in just three weeks,predominantly on a real holiday camp, writer/director Marley Morrison makes a superb coming of age, feature film debut.

Morrison overcomes the original cinematographer quitting in the middle of production, thanks to balancing stylish, over-saturated close-ups on the loved-up eyes of AJ's sightings of Isla, with the glorious un- sentimental image of the British holiday camp, with Morrison snapping hilarious antics in the confined living conditions of AJ and her family, and their attempt to get into the holiday spirit, under the dreary weather.

Mentioning in the discussion after the screening that she got the idea for the setting from it being a British working class tradition to spend Summer family breaks in a holiday camp, the screenplay by Morrison follows AJ's coming of a age with excellent characterization, which is unafraid to paint her in a less then flattering light during her moody bickering with family members, that cleverly heightens the rose-tinted glasses mind-set AJ has when she comes of age when falling head over heels for Isla.

Appearing in every scene, Nell Barlow gives a fantastic performance as AJ,thanks to Barlow bringing out a comedic edge to AJ's frustrations of being dragged along on this holiday, with a growing warmth to the growing bond with her family,and AJ's passionate, bitter-sweet embrace of Isla. Catching AJ's attention due to smelling of chlorine, Ella-Rae Smith gives an enchanting turn as Isla,which blends sweet hazy passions with raw frustrations,as AJ meets her sweetheart.

Reviewed by Red-125 7 / 10

I'm sorry I spoiled the vacation

Sweetheart (2021) is a movie from the UK that was written and directed by Marley Morrison. It stars Nell Barlow as AJ, a troubled, depressed adolescent. Jo Hartley portrays Tina, her mother. Ella-Rae Smith is Isla, a lifeguard at the caravan beach resort where the family goes for a vacation.

AJ is the protagonist, so we naturally want to see things her way. However, she's hard to like. In movies, as in life, sullen depressed people pull you down, even when you try to lift them up. That's how the movie starts, and the plot continues from there.

This is a pretty good film, especially because the actors are talented professionals. It's definitely not a feel-good movie, although it has its moments. We saw Sweetheart virtually as part of ImageOut, the outstanding Rochester LGBT Film Festival. The movie has an IMDb rating of 6.9. I agreed, and rated it 7.

Reviewed by bob-the-movie-man 8 / 10

A "Gregory's Girl" for Gen-Z

When I was in my late teen's, Bill Forsyth's "Gregory's Girl" perfectly epitomised the angst of the school years' emotions I'd left behind me. And I was very much heterosexual. With "Sweetheart", Marley Morrison in an astonishing feature debut delivers a "Gregory's Girl" for today's much more sexually fluid times.


  • What a great ensemble cast! It's all headed up by Nell Barlow, amazingly in her feature debut. Nell manages to perfectly deliver the hair-pullingly frustrating unpredictability of a teenage girl: always planning to go off doing something worthy like "knitting jumpers for elephants in Indonesia". But she manages to keep the portrayal just the right side of parody, not straying into 'Kevin and Perry' territory. "What's wrong with you?" asks her mother. "I'm 17. Everything's wrong with me" she replies. It's an immaculate performance for someone so young.

  • Jo Hartley is also fabulous as A. J.'s mum, a lost soul struggling with her own worries, without having those of AJ to add to them. It's not portrayed as a typical 'Mum v Teen' battle, but beautifully nuanced. "Just because you're a lesbian now, it doesn't mean you have to dress like a boy" she pleads with A. J.
  • If you're trying to place her, Ella Rae-Smith was the striking girl in the baseball cap in Netflix's "The Stranger". She is also wonderful here, as the 'hot girl' who you think has it all but is underneath deeply troubled and conflicted. A sex scene (beautifully lit and filmed - by either Emily Almond Barr or Matthew Wicks - manages to show absolutely nothing but is deliciously erotic as a result.

  • The writing by Marley Morrison feels very autobiographical. And, as I found through reading this Guardian article about Morrison's gender-journey, there is a lot of personal experience in here. It's clever that the film is claustrophobically set in the remote holiday park (actually the real Freshwater Beach Holiday Park near Bridport on the Dorset coast). If it had been set in a big city like London, AJ could have constantly fled from her feelings, never resolving them. Here, she is constantly running into Isla.... there is no escape.

  • I also very much liked the relationship written between A. J. and Steve. Steve is almost the safety valve on the pressure cooker, always helpfully allowing some steam to escape. It adds warmth to the story.

  • For such an indie picture, there's a range of great tunes on the soundtrack: mostly from bands I have never heard of (probably making it affordable). I'm not sure if there's to be a soundtrack album released, but it's worth a listen if so.

  • I wasn't fond of the sound mix on the film. Some of the dialogue was indistinct.

  • A. J. gives us an occasional running commentary of her thoughts as a voiceover. Regular readers of my blog will know my thoughts on this subject! I'm not sure if it added much to the story: a 'show-not-tell' approach would have been my preference.

Summary Thoughts on "Sweetheart": I likened this film to 1980's "Gregory's Girl", and that's a great compliment. That movie made stars out of John Gordon Sinclair and Clare Grogan. I'd predict similar great things for Nell Barlow, Ella Rae-Smith and particularly for writer/director Marley Morrison. I'll very much look forward to Marley's future projects. It's a cracking little British film. It deserves a major cinema release, but I suspect this is one that you might need to hunt out at your less mainstream cinemas. But please do so - it's well worth it. Very much recommended.

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