Sweetness in the Belly



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Dakota Fanning as Lily Abdal
Wunmi Mosaku as Amina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulwhitequinn 8 / 10

Pity people dont check the background.

A few of the comments mention a European playing the lead role, and feel it's disrespectful. The novel the movie is based on says from the outset she is white, also it gives background to some of the aspects that allow her to be seen as privileged on getting to London.

Reviewed by nIGHTmAYOR 1 / 10

Ethiopian journey of refuge played by a white girl

The movie is to demonstrate the Ethiopian journey of refuge . So to gain sympathy they made the lead actor white so for the whites to start putting themselves in her shoes . Now doing so is some sort of a slap on the face of the viewers , like "You would have never watched it or felt sorry for her if she was black" . So basically that move kind of back fires as in white viewers feel offended and misjudged and black viewers feel ripped off from what should have been a black role , so bottom line this thing would neither win an award , nor the heart of critics nor the heart of the audience . so its just money wasted by producers and time wasted by viewers .

Reviewed by vovers1 7 / 10

Conflicting emotions for a conflicted world

This is the tale of the human experience told through the eyes of the women and the lost ones, well told, using a lost European as the focus of the tale, experiencing the story from the local perspective, adds to the depth of meaning. The story of the men is largely not shown, but this conflict was created by men, run by men while ignoring the plight of their families. A fitting tale.

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