Swim Instructor Nightmare



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chartreuse1 6 / 10

Another swim thriller!

Sabrina is a second-string swimmer who's also a nutjob! She responds to a job for a wanted swim instructor to teach a 10-yr old girl how to swim but she really has the hots for the girl's dad! This was a pretty good thriller and kudos to Sydney Hamm as the psycho in her first starring role and hopefully more acting to come! Definitely recommend!

Reviewed by Droid_Gunner 7 / 10

By the Book Fun

Completely by the book Lifetime formula, but still enjoyable. The performances were all-around solid, particularly the unhinged antagonist who pulled off the routine psycho performance in a charming way. A couple twists tossed in kept the pace moving quickly and elevated it over the usual Lifetime films. Worth checking out if you're into the genre.

Reviewed by ThunderKing6 10 / 10

Now I know why I stopped watching these movies for over 3 years.

It's the same old psychopathic formula. The same old formula to a T (Whatever that means). A mentall ill female stalkers, hurts people, lies and plays a trickster god. To make a Lifetime movie requires you to be a dog lover apparently because these films lack skill, promise, moral code, pleasure, edutainment, something new. These movies are awful. After you've seen 2 to 3 you begin to realize how annoying these movies are.

Every time something happens I always say "You didn't see that coming?"

Again, these movies were made by dog lovers.

About: A psychotic, attractive female who can't find a boyfriend. She becomes a Loki, psycho stalker, murderer and is obsessed with men that don't even want her.

Story: Lame

Production: Horrible actors.

Highlight: Main chick is fine, but her acting makes her kind of unattractive

Moral Code: 3.

Unworthiness Level: 3

Should you watch this? No. Lifetime movies in the last 15 years have been the same psycho horror movies that require no skill except to be a dog lover. These movies are horrible and lazy. You've seen one of these, then you've seen them all.

If you do find yourself watching these movies, enjoy the eye candy. The actresses in these movies are way hotter than Hollywood actresses. Lifetime Actresses, look biologically natural and hot.

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