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Hugh Jackman as Stanley Jobson
John Travolta as Gabriel Shear
Halle Berry as Ginger Knowles
Drea de Matteo as Melissa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DrLex 6 / 10

A lot of style and action, little substance

This movie can be summed up as: lots of very cool action scenes (fans of both bullet time and explosions will really enjoy this), a lot of style, and a standard implausible plot. This movie is very entertaining if you like non-stop action in a cool high-tech environment.

The ingredients are pretty standard. There's a stylish kick-ass villain (Travolta) with a plan, being a high-tech bank robbery. This is all garnished with lots of weapons, technology, car chases and beautiful women. This movie really delivers on the action front, I don't think there's any 'quiet' scene that lasts more than 2 minutes. It also contains the now standard implausible hacking scenes, where getting into the computer system of a bank involves solving a kind of Rubik's cube on your computer screen. I hope you're not offended by product placement because a certain computer brand is quite prominent when IT hardware is involved in this movie. But it's by far not as obnoxious as in "I, Robot".

The filming is top-notch, unlike some other movies you can actually see what's happening in the action scenes (which is sometimes due to the amazing slow-down effects in some scenes). Unfortunately the entire plot becomes quite thin when the movie is stripped of all this action and style. However, it works. The ending is rather vague, as if room was left for a sequel without making it too painful if there wouldn't be one after all.

Overall I would say this is a pretty OK movie, but don't expect the best cinema ever.

Reviewed by Tweekums 7 / 10

Enjoyable if rather silly action

'Swordfish' opens with what at first appears to be a bank robbery going horribly wrong; the police pull a hostage wearing an explosive jacket away from one of the criminals and she explodes causing major damage. We then jump back four days and see a computer hacker arrested coming into the United States; he is then killed while in FBI custody. A second hacker, Stanley Jobson, is approached by a beautiful woman, Ginger Knowles, and offered a job… at first he declines as he will be sent to jail if he so much as touches a computer but when offered $100,000 just to discuss the job he can't say no. After a rather extreme test of his skills he finds that his potential employer, Gabriel Shear, will pay him ten million dollars if he helps him steal over nine billion dollars from secret government slush funds. Shear states that he intends to use the money to fund a private war on terrorism. Things soon get very dangerous for Stanley; the FBI are closing in on him and Shear's backer wants to shut down the operation permanently. If that weren't enough it appears that Ginger is an undercover DEA agent.

This film starts well with an intriguing prologue and the story provides plenty of action and excitement from start to finish. There are numerous explosions and shooting scenes as well as other tense moments. There are however moments that don't look that real; the first explosion may have looked great when the film was new but the CGI enhancements are fairly obvious and the hacking scenes are fairly painful to watch even people like me who know nothing about hacking know it wouldn't look like that… it was hard to believe Stanley was even typing rather than just pressing keys rather fast! At least the shootout while driving through LA was pretty cool and the way a bus was carried by a Skycrane helicopter was impressive. The cast did a solid job; Hugh Jackman was solid as Stanley, John Travolta hammed it up delightfully as Shear and Halle Berry impressed as Ginger… even if her topless sunbathing scene was an entirely gratuitous excuse to show her bare breasts. While his role wasn't that large Don Cheadle was fine as FBI Agent J.T. Roberts, it is a pity his role wasn't larger. Overall this is a decent enough action film which it entertaining if you can suspend your disbelief and ignore a few obvious flaws.

Reviewed by damonsomers 1 / 10

A big time actor takes a lot of money for a horrible script.

This is the worst move I've ever seen in my life. The money that went into it was the only reason for its pathetic short expensive life. Every person involved was only interested in money. Any person involved in this ^&$(#@ should be barred from making any other films. Any person that enjoyed this pile of stinking dog excrement should stick to suicide instead. thank you.

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