Sympathy for the Underdog


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 879

Keywords:   okinawa

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FrankieDees 9 / 10

Brilliant Fukasaku yakuza picture which clearly inspired....

need I say it?...Tarantino. Kinji Fukasaku in my opinion inspired Tarantino more than any other filmmaker; De Palma, Scorsese, Suzuki among them. The dialog beats, the action beats, even the music seems all vaguely familiar to Tarantino's filmography. Fukasaku is THE yakuza director. While I'm sure most yakuza fans will opt for Seijun Suzuki who came first and who, no doubt, inspired Fukasaku, I compare it to Ford vs. Kurosawa. Ford clearly inspired Kurosawa but Kurosawa took these inspirations and combined them with his own sensibilities to make something truly unique. The same goes for Suzuki and Fukasaku. Watch this and the Yakuza Papers films which are sold together in a great box set and tell me this guy isn't the best. The narrative of Sympathy is not particularly original, it's the age-old small gang vs. big gang which can be seen in this all the way to the recent Miike films. What makes this special is the feeling of the film. The dialog, acting, music, cinematography, style all combine for an unforgettable visceral experience. It's impossible to watch this film and not be drawn in by Koji Tsuruta's performance as the ultimate bad-ass. Fukasaka is also the same man that made the ridiculously entertaining and witty Battle Royale and who died in the middle of Battle Royale II in which his son took over. Home Vision Entertainment did a great job on this DVD and I recommend any yakuza or action fan pick this up immediately.

Reviewed by greenwolf777 10 / 10

This movie inspired film decades later!

I just watched this movie and have to agree with Frankie (another movie reviewer here), it more than anything inspired Tarantino. The pacing of the movie, the sense of "coolnes" that permeates the film, the genre, everything about this film influenced gangster films for decades to come. There is the argument however, that Tarantino is derivative and irrelevant, but people see his movies and enjoy them. Even without the knowledge of his inspiration, which is varied, you can't help but like his films.

But about this movie:

It's about a gangster who gets out of prison and strikes up a plan to take over a city in Okinawa with the remnants of his previous gang. Unfortunately, they've never been to Okinawa, and the natives are tougher than they look.

Lots of quick edits, freeze frames and groovy hippie music (with a surf beat) provide the kitsch factor.

Highly recommended!!!

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-1 10 / 10

The Wild Bunch in Okinawa

How not to think about Sam Peckinpah's masterpiece when you seee this tremendous Japanese depserate crime movie, very bloody, brutal, sometimes cheesy, I admit, but unforgettable for me. The ending is a homage to WILD BUNCH of course, and also SEVEN SAMURAIS as well. Koji Tsuruta and Noburu Ando carry the film on their shoulders, they are here at their peak, in such Melvillian - Jean-Pierre Melville - characters relationship. Only characters and not the graphic violence which the Rue Jenner studios master street would have certainly not approved. Don't miss this Kinji Fukasaku movie.

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