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1931 [GERMAN]

Comedy / History / Musical

IMDb Rating 7 10 472

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Conrad Veidt as Prince Metternich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by J. Steed 10 / 10

Classic Film Operetta

It may not be perfect technically, but this is a sensual, made with great fun, original, capricious and extravagant operetta. It has elegance, a great cast, brilliant music and songs, wit, great sets; some scenes are even a bit bizarre and fetishistic. This is not a filmed operetta, but a real film-operetta. More than just direct, Erik Charell choreographed the film. Although the film stands on its own feet, the influence of Ernst Lubitsch (pictures) is evident.

Amongst the memorable scenes (and there are many) there is the - in its time - technically challenging sequence with energetic Lilian Harvey singing "Das gibt's nur einmal". Indeed: many operetta films have been made, but none so innovative, brilliant as this one.

This first and only German film of Erik Charell is not only a classic of early German sound film, showing all the capabilities of the UFA, but also a promising start of a film career that was not to be realized: Charell had to leave Nazi-Germany and was unable to continue his career as a film director abroad. It is curious that the film was banned by Goebbels only but in October 1937.

Reviewed by ichinatsuno-1 10 / 10

A masterpiece.

This film is a treasure. It's really witty, funny... full or light eroticism, beautifully performed... lovely songs.

The long sequence of Lilian Harvey being driven to her "new Villa", singing a song is nothing less than a 10 minutes masterpiece in its own right. Harvey is sensational, wonderfully spontaneous. The song is instantly catchy. The hundreds of extras waving at the carriage, throwing flowers and balloons... the children dancing. Everything wonderfully filmed, timed and choreographed. There is a genuine joy in it that will make you feel like a child and smile.

This sequence catches the spirit of the film, but YOU ARE GETTING IT ALL WRONG IF YOU THINK THIS IS THE ONLY PART WORTH SEEING. The film is a wonderfully funny comedy to be compared with a masterpiece like "To be or not to be". In fact my rating is 10.


Sorry if I sound too enthusiastic, but I was just amazed. Don't miss it. It's really special.

Reviewed by marty-124 7 / 10

strange musical

Jan is absolutely right when saying that this film is bizarre and fetishistic. What a strange juxtaposition to have in a family orientated film. When Lillian Harvey's character Christel Weinzinger, a poor glove seller is arrested for throwing some flowers at the czar, as he passed through the street, she is hauled off the local magistrates court. We are suddenly taken into some sort of sub plot with strange overtures. The judge finds her guilty and sentences her to 25 blows of the rod across her bare posterior! Presumably this was the standard punishment for misdemeanours back in 19th century Germany? The next scene sees Christel in the punishment room — you can tell this by the way the walls are adorned with a huge selection of different size canes. A leering young man, who clearly enjoys his work, selects the prescribed size rod and proceeds to secure Christel over a bench with the use of a large strap. Once in place he lifts her dress when..... see the film and find out! The remake of this film in 1956 did include a punishment scene but it was done in a far less provocative style.

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