Taxi Driver


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93%
IMDb Rating 8.3 10 691187

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Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle
Martin Scorsese as Passenger Watching Silhouette
Jodie Foster as Iris
Harvey Keitel as Sport
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by parameswaranrajendran 8 / 10


Taxi Driver - An insane Award winning film by director Martin Scorsese in 1976. Robert DeNiro is playing a mentally unstable and loneliness occupied taxi driver. He is donning this role after he received Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Godfather. Jodie Foster is in her early acting career and playing a character name Iris as a prostitute.

Reviewed by DKosty123 8 / 10

Fine Film With A Great Cast & Story

Besides the great Martin Scorsese directing thi film, and Paul Schrader (Raging Bull) writing the script, the cast is pretty much a who's who of stars and supporting actors in the 1970's and beyond. Jodie Foster, all of 14, had been acting since age 7, though this was her biggest role to date. Robert DeNiro would later do Raging Bull, but his role here as Travis is excellent. Fresh from The Godfather Part 2, his experience shows in this role. With support like Albert Brooks, Peter Boyle, and Harvey Kietel you can't be talking to me about a more capable cast.

The main story has to do with the taxi cab drivers in Manhatten, and New York City. With most of the filming done on the streets it gives the atmosphere a real feeling and the scenes an authentic look. The action scenes are pretty bloody and this is before CGI came along. It is all fictional and the protitution and the mob are a part of the story.

It became notorious that John Hinckley Jr. who attempted to shoot President Reagan is supposed to have gotten a fixation from Jodie Foster's role in this film. While she is good here, DeNiro is definitely the star though Foster's acting in this definitely put her well on the way to stardom. Pretty adult material for her at this age, and it is handled well. As for Hinckley he got released from jail in September, 2016, and is living with his mom.

Leonard Harris role as Charles Palantine is the supposed politcan running for President here. The Reagan connection happened long after the movie was released. This is a gritty street story with mobs and cab drivers.

Reviewed by amheretojudge 7 / 10

you're only as healthy as you feel..

Taxi Driver

It's Martin Scorsese all over the movie whether be in its amusing political views or rough flirty talk or edgy characters or a twisted screenplay and with the help of Robert's one of the strongest performance the boat sails through this 113 minutes of runtime.

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