Tell Me Who I Am


Documentary / Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 97%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcottone 10 / 10

For those who doubt the story....

First let me start by saying I loved the documentary, and found it both distburing and beautiful at the same time. There were some questions I was left with at the end but overall, I recommend it.

I was quite surprised though when I saw people in the reviews on here questioning if this could all even be real, or whether it was some sort of story the brothers put together. I've seen some mention of whether someone could wake up and only recognize one thing (in this case, his twin brother) but the fact remains that we actually know very little about the brain. We don't even know how many neurons are in the brain, and you'd think that would be a good starting point of something we'd know by now, but it's still uncertain. Strange things happen within the brain and just recently a woman in the UAE woke from a vegetative state after 28 years, she is now speaking in conversations and undergoing physical therapy. The fact remains that the brain is a mystery and how it exactly works is based a lot on theory, in fact there's an entire field called brain theory.

The second thing I saw criticized was the question of how a 14 year old boy could take a subway home and no one think anything was out of place (in 1978). And those who make this comment obviously have no understanding of British culture. As someone who lives in England I'm here to tell you if "minding your business" was an Olympic sport, the UK would win every year. People don't even like to look at each other on the subway here. So for a teenager to take the subway at home by himself in the late 70's and no one be concerned or question anything is totally believable to me, someone who currently lives in London.

I feel the people who are nit-picking are doing so because the story is just so remarkable perhaps. But the fact remains we know very little of the brain and how it heals itself after trauma. And that is a scary fact.

Reviewed by jackiee1970 9 / 10

What would you do?

This documentary film is profoundly moving and deeply thought provoking.

As the synopsis speaks to, and no doubt other reviews will, it is an absolutely extraordinary true story.

WARNING: major spoilers ahead!

It leaves you to wonder... what would you have done if you had been Marcus?

Would you have constructed the fantasy to save your twin from the truth and by proxy giving yourself a pseudo-reprieve you could grasp hold of also?

I'm sure there will be a divide between us all in that choice; some imagine they would go one way and some the other. I think if we are honest, we will never truly know how we would react in that extraordinary situation.

I could see things from both of the twin's sides. But my heart leans towards Marcus. He was still so young and didn't have the tools to give voice to that terrible story and handle the inevitable fall-out at that time.

But I know from my own experience that you can only repress those memories for so long. And one look at the deeper etched lines on Marcus' face tells me the toll that has taken on him. The immense burden he carries.

By the same token, Alex has had to live without the full truth of his childhood and I can imagine that has been quite a different, yet also heavy load to bear.

I can only hope that this unloading in front of the world has helped them both. This film has truly touched my soul.

To finish, I will say: after it was over, selfishly I wished for two things. One, that Alex would have said something like 'I'm so sorry that you have to live with those memories in your head' - though that might sound like survivors guilt in a strange way. And two, that I could have had just one hour alone with their mother and all those men. Enough said.

Reviewed by elleelleelle 10 / 10

Incredibly moving

Powerful, raw, painfully honest.

You can't underestimate the way that this documentary will act as a conversation starter and help others who have experienced similar things & to open up and discuss.

I find it astonishing that people (with hostility too-what, why?) are questioning whether this story is real or not. Have you been outside?

I work as a beautician and have several clients who have come to treat me as both a beauty therapist & a therapist (ask any hairdresser too, they'll tell you the same) and some of the revelations of abuse I've heard have been utterly harrowing but just as shocking to me is that they are not so uncommon.

One of the messages this documentary spoke to me was how important it is shift the shame from the victims to the abusers, where it belongs. I commend Marcus and Alex, your courage is truly moving, thank you!

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