Ten Minutes to Midnight



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Alice Kremelberg as Young Amy
Caroline Williams as Amy Marlowe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amadget 9 / 10

Caroline Williams Is Better Than Ever

Great Movie! Caroline Williams Is A True Icon And I Absolutely Loved This Story.

Reviewed by vinfitz 7 / 10

A Fun Blend of Horror Elements Headlined by a Legendary "Scream Queen."

I try hard not to intellectualize horror movies. They are either fun and scary, or they are not. This film was absolutely fun, jolted me a few times, offered a couple of gross out moments I won't soon forget.

"Ten Minutes to Midnight" blended body horror and supernatural elements in a claustrophobic setting that at times was surreal. At 73 minutes, it wastes no time moving the story foreward, propelled by the energy of legendary Caroline Williams as an unsuspecting victim of workplace ageism who experiences a transformaton you'll have to see for yourself.

I loved the films practical effects, and its supporting cast, but most of all that it kept me guessing, and gave me a fun time while doing it.

Reviewed by dborwickjr 8 / 10

Caroline Williams crushes it again!

Throughout the whole movie you are entranced by Williams. She goes from a soft voiced DJ on her last day of work to a screaming lunatic in seconds! I enjoyed everyones performance and the bloody factor was definitely up there (women's bathroom scene.. intense!!) Good work from Bloomquist on the directing. I will be checking out some of his other work in short order. Set design was great. You feel almost claustrophobic sitting in the different sound booths and control areas. Also, the security guard.. I want to know what he is carving!

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