Ten Nights in a Barroom



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Keywords:   parent child relationship, alcoholism, redemption, barroom life

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

One of perhaps 10 film versions of this Timothy Shay Arthur novel!

WARNING: If you have a severe snake phobia, be aware that this film has a sequence where a drunk man keeps seeing snakes.

While you'd never know it today, Timothy Shay Arthur's "Ten Nights in a Bar-Room and What I Saw There" was among the most successful novels of the Victorian era...being only surpassed by "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in popularity. So, it's not surprising that they'd make a film version of this story....and WOW have they made a bunch. I counted 10 different versions, including this all-black cast version from 1926. Each version is about the evils of drink and the joys of clean, domestic living...sentiments that led to the Prohibition movement in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The story finds Joe Morgan a pathetic drunk who spends most of his time at the local saloon. He used to be respected and rich but lost it all due to liquor and the swindlers at the bar. After his daughter is killed there, however, he and the town are bent on revenge and purging the town of this criminal element. Several lesser stories are also portrayed...such a son who has descended to card playing and drinking at the establishment.

Most movies made for black movie theaters and patrons of the 1920s-40s were rather poor quality productions--with lousy acting, direction and no budgets. They just didn't have the money and stars mainstream cinema had and had to make the most of what they could get. It's in light of this that I mention that "Ten Nights in a Barroom" (1926) is surprisingly good for the genre. Now I am not saying it's a masterpiece...but it is competently made and is entertaining to watch with less of the usual overacting. In fact, most of the acting is pretty good....even though I must admit that the story is VERY old fashioned and ultra-melodramatic.

Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10

What Did You See There?

Charles Gilpin used to be a prosperous man in his community. He was partners in a mill. When he started drinking, however, the business went away, and now he drinks every evening at Laurence Chennault's tavern, coming home only when his younger daughter comes to fetch him.

It's an all-Black version of Timothy Shay Arthur's famous novel, pretty well translated by a company in Philadelphia.The camerawork is good, and the acting is likewise, although director Roy Calnek seems unable to coax close pantomime out of his players; except for the big scenes, it relies on title cards to tell what is going on.

Yet it is in those big scenes that this movie lives, and those are well directed, with good crowd scenes and plenty of emotion, that transforms a story typically played for pure melodrama into something a bit smaller and more real.

The cast list is incomplete, and the players who are accounted for seem to have limited their work to Calnek;s movies; the one exception is Chenneault, whose movie career goes back to 1913, and whose almost two dozen known film appearances ran as late as 1934. The records are often sketchy at the large Hollywood studios. The small race films like this one often failed to leave records.

Reviewed by pixrox1 7 / 10

Most viewers will be hard-pressed to figure out . . .

. . . to exactly WHICH evenings the title of TEN NIGHTS IN A BARROOM refers. Title cards keep referring to "a month later" here and "two months later" there, and all of this is followed by a lapse of several years leading up the this flick's Election Day conclusion. Perhaps the so-called "prologue" is taking place on the day of the voting as well, but there is no mention of a mayor's race during the beginning of this film. If the mob of angry townspeople were wielding swords instead of torches as they storm the saloon, the spelling here could be seen as a misprint for TEN KNIGHTS IN A BARROOM.

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