Ten North Frederick


Drama / Romance

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Tom Tully as Mike Slattery
Philip Ober as Lloyd Williams
Michael Pataki as Parking Lot Thug
Stuart Whitman as Charley Bongiorno
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Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 7 / 10

A gentleman in a world that no longer needs gentlemen.

Gary Cooper plays Joe Chapin, a very successful man turning fifty years old, prodded into state politics by his nagging wife, played by Geraldine Fitzgerald. Chapin shuns the political scene when he finds it going against the standards and principles he lives by. His wife soon makes him feel a loser and he finds solace in the arms of his daughter's roommate, half his age.

Romantic and consuming; from the pen of Philip Dunne. This is an over looked drama shot in black and white. Daughter Ann is played by Diane Varsi and her roommate Kate is played by the lovely Suzy Parker. Also in the cast are Stuart Whitman and Ray Sticklyn.

Reviewed by mbreidfan 9 / 10


Although Gary Cooper is my favorite actor, this was a movie I had never seen until a few years ago, when I happened to catch it after waking in the wee hours of the morning and turning on the television after not being able to get back to sleep. It seems like this movie isn't very well-respected, but I think it is fantastic and have recommended it to several people. Admittedly, it's not High Noon, but it's quite bittersweet (heartbreaking, even) and has a touch of romance. Gary Cooper's character is a very decent man at heart and truly tries to do the right thing when it comes to the major decisions he has to make, but it seems he can't win being married to such a shrewish woman.

Reviewed by JLew3500 10 / 10

Heartwarming love story

This love story reaches out and touches the heart like no other movie has been able to do in years of movie-making. It's tear-jerking capability is what I've been searching for in movies of this kind. The cast is so wonderfully suited for this film. As you watch, you begin to wonder if Gary Cooper hadn't been born, who could possibly have played this wonderfully passionate older man. My belief - no one! I can't urge movie lovers enough to buy, rent, or whatever one must do in order to view this movie.

And, a note to the so called Classic Movie Channels - Where in the hell has this movie been? Please, let's allow the public to view this touching story and be able to comment for all to read.

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