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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coldwaterpdh 7 / 10

A REAL Grindhouse movie.

I have to say, I had never heard of this flick. It came in a 3-pack I just got called 'Grindhouse Psychos' and man the price was worth this one flick alone. Even if the other two films SUCK, I'd pay what I paid for all any day for just this movie.

The acting is atrocious, though you'll see some familiar faces. I kept going: 'I've seen that dude/chick in something before...' but it was difficult to put my finger on exactly what it was. "Tenement" was totally brutal. It has some scenes that are downright nasty and this is not a film for the faint of heart. Here is the thing though; this movie is really entertaining! It might be cheesy and the blood looks like Campbells tomato soup, but there sure is plenty of it to make it worth your while.

I commend the folks who made "Tenement" because you can tell they put everything they had into it and that's why it deserves this rating. Unlike so many other films that Hollywood keeps churning out these days, every penny was squeezed dry and people had a blast making this film and you can totally tell through the whole grueling experience. I watched it last night, but I slept on it before reviewing it and today I kept thinking how awesome it was...Yea, I dug this one!

The plot: a group of HILARIOUSLY STEREOTYPICAL New York tenement tenants call the cops on some AWESOMELY BAD thugs living in the basement. The thugs get out of jail and come back for revenge and in a big way.

If you can find this flick, buy it. It's worth every cent. The only downfall I found with this one was the ending...a little lackluster.

7 out of 10, kids.

Reviewed by udar55 7 / 10

Grim urban action flick

If one were to crown Roberta Findlay's best film, I think TENEMENT would be it. A variation of "people trapped in the house" genre, TENEMENT takes place in a run down building, all in one day with Findlay keeping the tension going with on screen titles giving the time (and sometimes even the apartment levels). This helps as the gang ruthlessly tries to make its way up to the tenants.

The gang is, as most gangs in films were during this time period, cinematic-ally goofy. It is a multi-ethnic gang dressed to the hilt in chains and leather. Findlay admits on the DVD audio commentary that during filming she encountered many real gangs in the Bronx and subsequently found out that her vision of gangs "wasn't very realistic." Regardless, the cast, comprised of mostly unknown but professional actors, is very convincing. Both Sam (Joe Lynn) and Chaco (Enrique Sandino), the leaders of the good guys and bad guys respectively, are given very strong portrayals by the actors. An interesting bit of trivia, TENEMENT marks the film debut of Paul Calderon, a recognizable character actor who went on to be in a wide range of stuff from PULP FICTION to LAW & ORDER.

One of the multiple films in the mid-80s urban warfare genre, TENEMENT is perhaps the sleaziest of the bunch. Director Findlay goes for the throat in terms of the violence, featuring brutal rapes, stabbings, throat slicing, animal mayhem and castration. It created a cumulative effect so strong that the film was award an X rating by the MPAA (interestingly, so was the gang war epic DEATH WISH 3 at the time, but it was reversed on appeal).

Reviewed by movieman_kev 9 / 10

A sadly forgotten B-movie classic

This is without a doubt director Roberta Findlay crowning achievement and one of the true essential of 1980's 'urban warfare' movies. This film is proudly a B-movie, wearing it's bloody blackened heart on it's gore drenched sleeve. And I truly wouldn't have it any other way. Featuring mostly unknowns although some would later find success in varying degrees, Karen Russell (from "Vice Academy" and "Hell High"), Dan Snow (Yup, old Ciger Face himself from the Toxic Avenger movies) and Paul Calderon, who would go on to do bit parts in many great movies. This is a nasty one, broom handles where they have NO right being, sadistic violence, and general depravity combine to make a potent concoction. I loved every second of it. And the theme song by 'The Kool Crew' is great.

Eye Candy: Corinne Château and Karen Russell get topless

My Grade: A-

DVD Extras: Commentary by Roberta Findlay; Interview with Findlay; Photo gallery; radio spot; Original Trailer; and Trailers for "Blood Sisters" (with nudity), "Blood Feast 2", "Duck the Carbine high massacre", and "New Barbarians"

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