Terror 2000 - Intensivstation Deutschland

1992 [GERMAN]

Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 451

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Udo Kier as Jablo

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Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 2 / 10

This movie will struggle to survive

"Terror 2000 - Intensivstation Deutschland" is a German movie from 1994, so this one is already over 20 years old. The director is the late filmmaking infant terrible Christoph Schlingensief and he is also one of the three writers who worked on this one. The other two, Roehler and Hanisch, also managed really successful career in their own right in different areas closely related to movies. But lets take a look at this one. The cast is a mix of completely unknown non-professional actors and very successful actors with long careers and Schlingensief worked with many of them on other projects as well. None of the characters become memorable whatsoever though. This is the director's take on the reunited Germany and I am a bit shocked it took him almost five years until he released it. And looking at the quality of the film overall, I am almost a bit sad he released it. yes it has the indie/underground approach that Schlingensief's works always have, but the approach from him that makes me kinda like him and respect him is almost entirely missing in here and with this I am referring to a creative impact I did not manage to see in this film. The acting is so-so, but everything else is pretty absurd and not really in a good way. Disappointing. This has to be one of my least favorite Schlingensieg works, maybe even my number 1 least favorite from him. Eventually I was glad the film runs only for 75 minutes and that it was over so quickly, even if it felt a lot longer. Major thumbs-down from me. Don't watch.

Reviewed by czar-10 8 / 10

Cult Classic written all over it!!

This politically-incorrect saga meshes sex, violence and humor in its tale of a husband-and-wife detective team sent to a German refugee camp to find a Polish family and a social worker. During the search, the sleuths are kidnapped by neo-Nazis, and it's soon learned that their interests are as strange as the people around them. Udo Kier never been better playing a gun toting Priest, who loves putting his gun in his mouth and others. Gore and violence are just over the top in this German cult classic.

Reviewed by ratzefatzeman 9 / 10

disturbing, annoying, excellent!

Schlingensief, love him or hate him. I love him. He's something like the skin cancer on a body named society. So are his films.

Terror 2000 is this kind of film where you haven't the chance to relax, because you are confronted the whole time with loudness, chaos, violence, sex, dirty language and Nazis! But in such a grotesque, humoristic way that you can't do something other than look and laugh! See Udo Kier as maniac preacher, see Schlingensief himself as a gay Nazi, see all the other strange characters and be inspired!

Schlingensiefs real intentions what he wants to tell us by this film I can't interpretate, because it's always difficult to understand him. I think like in most cases of his work it's only a story about the weirdness of our society. That's it.

(Christoph, if you read this, please take me for your next film project, I would be for example a fantastic Hitler parody!)

It's clearly 9 points, because this film is highly entertaining, and that's what a film has to do in my opinion!

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