Terror at Bigfoot Pond



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmc1969 1 / 10

my eyes cannot believe what i saw..

Theres so so much to write, but its 2am and i want to give a proper roasting to this monstrosity ,so will write more tomorrow and thoroughly trash this heap of dung.....in the meantime DO NOT watch this trash if you come across it.... AS PROMISED MY NEXT DAY FOLLOW UP REVIEW: at first I was going to say NO ONE PLEASE EVER EVER watch this movie, but after completeing it, i now changed my stance to EVERYONE MUST watch this movie... Why you ask? because until you watch this piece of non-existent budget, cow dung of a movie you can never ever appreciate even a "low budget" movie ever again. if you were drunk, high, and on black tar heroin, using a camcorder from 1983 , the quality would still be better.. when the one chick started flashing her "chest" in the beginning of the film, i was for the first time watching a movie "pleading" for her to put her shirt back on...Then the group gets naked in what could ONLY be described as a drainage ditch on the side of a road 20x20 sewage overflow pit. Seriously, they are all standing in a cirlce in the middle of a filthy , nasty mud pit that someone obviously filled with a garden hose because they couldnt find a suitable location with a real lake i'm guessin? I actually said to myself in the beginning when they were all standing around, whos the 'kinda' hot chick, until the one chick introduced "it " as her boyfriend.... The soundtrack consisted of a 9 year old striking a single key on a "play skool" plastic keyboard piano. Have you ever watched a really really bad movie when very drunk, and said "wow this isnt that bad'----Well, i was pretty drunk when i watched this and still thought THIS IS REALLY BAD. Honestly, im not just trying to rag on a movie that was low budget, poor acting, no sets, and a guy parading around in a 38 dollar monkey costume for the heck of it. This movie is hands down, NO JOKE, the absolute worst movie i've ever seen in my life. This INCLUDES "fan films' on youtube made by teenagers.. I dont even know how the heck this movie made it to Tubi TV, but trust me you really really need to watch this, so you also can comment on this movie. If we dont band together to warn others, then we are all guilty of letting this type of horrific garbage to be made. Please, lets make sure this type of film never, never neverrrr happens again... thank you.

Reviewed by mapj-52311 1 / 10

OMG please don't subject yourself to this.

Wow, one of the worst B films I've ever seen. Seriously long intro with the WORST freaking music. There's a very drawn out and boring skinny dipping scene, right in the beginning, where the whole group of friend's are geared up to "go skinny dipping!" And then they all just stand there awkwardly in the water. It's such an unnecessary scene. Really wish I would have stopped watching there. But no, I had to continue on to see the HORRIBLE Halloween of a Bigfoot costume. This is a film not worth the time to watch it.

Reviewed by draftdubya 1 / 10

Holy Bigfoot turds

A prison inmate can make a better movie from a prison pocket phone and some garbage. Tubi can't be paying for the crap on it. For turds like the advertisers SHOULD PAY YOU, not Tubi.

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