Terror on the Prairie



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 7.5 10 1885

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Gina Carano as Hattie McAllister
Heath Freeman as Gold Tooth
Samaire Armstrong as Soiled Dove
Nick Searcy as The Captain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by degrees-33365 1 / 10

So bad it hurt

This was a truly terrible movie.

There's a thin plot and almost zero chemistry/connection between the characters.

It also doesn't help that it has Gina Carano that is such a horrible actress that has two facial expressions she can use. Might be 2 stars without her but here we go: 1 star.

Reviewed by jerrycoliver 4 / 10

Swing and a miss

This was...very slow. Very very slow. Even by 1970's western standards, it's slow. It seems to be the trend now for westerns to move at a snail's pace. If you compare it to "The Power of the Dog", they're about even though this movie has some action sequences, they both dwell on things a lot longer than they should. In "The Power of the Dog" they tried to be profound, and though they didn't achieve that goal, this movie wasn't even trying to be profound.

The lighting was shockingly bad. About as bad as the acting. Sound design and set dec was fine. Directing was lackluster. (For example, there are some shots that get punched in on with an insert to make sure you don't forget a key piece of exposition...and I do always prefer exposition that is shown rather than said, but at least work it into the shot you're using and for God's sake, don't return to the same shot once it's done.)

I mean, I guess if it's on in the background while you do something else, it's fine. Please don't ever give Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone lines in a movie ever again though.

Reviewed by Grey2black 8 / 10

Call of the past

I got to say, I thought I had already outgrown and seen everything possible that could be done with this kind of genre of movie, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Terror on the Prairie is definitely not a movie for everyone. More now than a few years back. It's raw, it's simple, it feels real, it even sounds real because of the simple fact that there's barely any soundtrack at all.

If you're someone that judges movies based on the hundreds of millions of dollars in special effects, then this is definitely not a movie for you. This is a movie for those that want to feel the past. That same past that brought us to this point.

The performances were solid and the movie didn't rely on any single character. Mainly because it was aiming to feel and look real, and not some fantasy where some Mary Sue or Gary Stu can just take on everyone singlehandedly. Even the lack of soundtrack serves to put you in that mindset. The silence that accompanies the movie in the slowest scenes, is really to show viewers how were those times. How slow placed life could be when the shores were done, and there was nothing else to do.

The film does pick up the pace after some time, and after that it's a race to the finish line. But that race is correctly paced so the viewer is not overwhelmed, or loses important details.

It's a very good movie, that is showing the viewer a different time that our ancestors went through. And although it could've taken advantage of the obvious north and south division, to land some political message like Hollywood movies try to do in every single movie, it avoided that mistake making it clear that the events were about those people in that land, in that time.

It just isn't an excellent movie, because unfortunately sometimes the slow pace does numb you out a little bit. But considering it isn't a Hollywood movie with hundreds of millions of dollars in budget, it manages to deliver a more interesting overall result than many more recent movies.

I'm actually very satisfied to have seen this movie, and I'll definitely recommend it as a must watch to all those that want to have a taste of the past.

Another aspect that might drive some people away, is the very real raw brutality of it all. Remember that these were the frontier times, when the law was mostly decided by the gun, and what you had was many times things others would take without any hesitation or problems of conscience. So if you're expecting this movie to soften up what was the brutal reality of those times, you're going to find out just how good you have in these current times.

And there lies a lesson I think. Because nowadays too many people have grown so accustomed to fighting for nothing, they have to make up things to fight about. But in those times you didn't had to come up with things to fight about... Life was a daily fight. And people had no time to waste on pointless endeavors.

This movie will definitely go to my collection. And is one of the rare cinematic gems of 2022.

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