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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ld-00182 10 / 10

Revealing and intriguing

I am always interested in learning about the various groups and subcultures that have developed on the internet since the early 2000's. This film goes beyond the nerdy and depressing "incel" culture and really explores why youth are drawn to these communities. I appreciate the neutrality of this work. Give it a watch. For what it is 10/10

Reviewed by seaneboy-35546 8 / 10

Generation defining for a specific type of people

You see what's in this documentary everyday when you've grown up with the internet. And not only does this doc cover the common mindsets and themes of this subculture well, it also sticks to the atmosphere of said subculture while explaining it. Its a painfully beautiful thing to see these people at these points in their lives but at least they're going through it together. But hey, we're all gonna make it. Right?

Reviewed by adamwinfield 4 / 10

Had potential, misses the mark

The documentary is essentially a collection of scattered thoughts from its mainly stereotypically 'emo' characters and lacks a coherent narrative for the viewer to latch onto. There was an opportunity here to show mainstream viewers how interesting and even impactful this subculture really is, and only during Kantbot's segments do we get a frustratingly brief glimpse of this.

Because of the characters featured and the choice of style over substance (flashing Wojak up on the screen every time a loser says something sad is not deep), normie viewers will sadly go away with the same 'incel' caricature this documentary seemed as if it was attempting to humanize.

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