Thani Oruvan

2015 [TAMIL]

Action / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 8.4 10 18953

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan 8 / 10

A cop vs an evil scientist! The ultimate clash!

This is definitely your regular Indian style film, but the script was top notch, that's the vast difference you would find in this. It was a cop-thief clash theme something like the Korean film 'Veteran'. Initially I thought it might be a remake of some Korean film, because it looks like a Korean thriller, but after learning that it was an original, I was amazed. Because, you know, the director has a nick name called remake Raja. He's known for bringing the Telugu blockbuster to the Kollywood. That's not bad and I'm not against remakes, he sure did do a wonderful job with those projects to succeed.

The actors were brilliant, especially like everybody saying Aravaind Swamy in a negative role stole the show. The plus point was minimizing the musical track. I mean the narration was not interrupted by unexpected and unnecessary musics and dances like usual Indian films does, except on one occasion I think. The two and half an hour was too long, but that's the average Indian film length and totally worth it.

Not easy to predict, but in a few segments you would know what might come in the next scene. Because it might be an awesome film for the Indian audience who are seeing it for the first time, but in the world stage it is just an above average with partial cliché. There were a couple twists, the ending was excellent too, and looks like a follow up might come. My only disappointment was they missed a wonderful opportunity to make this film more realistic in the line of 'Unnaipol Oruvan'. Instead, they opted to narrate it more commercially appealing way.

So if you are an Indian or watch regularly Indian films, you would find it great. I was impressed with the film's promotions and it did well at the box office. Now it is getting remade in a couple of other languages, I hope they would as well do well. The brothers; the lead actor and the director did many projects together, but this one was a very special and will be a game changer for their respective career. So you might need to check it out if you haven't seen it yet. I'm not saying it is a masterpiece, but if you know Indian cinemas, then would learn how unusual it is.


Reviewed by SAMTHEBESTEST 7 / 10

Acceptable to be called the Best Cop Drama recently but only if you can overlook multiple Functional loopes.

Thani Oruvan (2015) : Brief Review -

Acceptable to be called the Best Cop Drama recently but only if you can overlook multiple Functional loopes. Thani Oruvan is deserving acclaimed cop drama as fas as mainstream filmmaking is concerned but if you really want to look after quality and sensibility then this one is trapped badly while trying to look extra smart. You see some films try to be over smart and then in the same process they leave many loope holes behind which have lost the basic sense. Thani Oruvan is about an honest cop who has only one Mission in his life and that is of course to destroy crime sections. The officer decides to take on the king so that puppets would go off silently and his mission will be accomplished. But we call antagonist the King for a reason, of course he is one step ahead of protagonist and so as expected he loses his control and anger (so cheap and outdated it was). While making this one look advanced cop film i mean adding some technical advances, gadgets, devices etc. Thani Oruvan really looks lavish and innovative but only to lose the basic sense after some time. See, a cop is being traced but only when director wish to show the scene otherwise he's doing everything fine without being traced. I mean what the hell? If a person is being traced 24x7 then all his activities must be traced by so called genius antagonist, right? But that doesn't seems like scene here and like I said there are lots of functional theories and loop holes in the film which you have to overlook to enjoy this cat and mouse fight. But come on, when you see a film having IMDb rating almost at 8.5/10, you can't just accept so many loopes, so it's better to call it Highly overrated in that sense. Otherwise, as a mainstream cop drama this one is a fantastic film by margin. If you've had enough of hard-core hero vs Villain face offs then this one is somewhat intelligent and Advanced to be preferred over other cop dramas. Thani Ovuran is lifted by technical support otherwise it is so typical. That unnecessary Romance, useless backdrop of villian, typical climax and trying to have something intentional in the name of patriotism is just so not cool. I don't see any logic in the writing when you destroy your own fine and solid character childishly without even thinking of where did you begin it, on what level you introduced him and what are you doing to him now for no strong reasons. The acting, cinematography, background score, action, direction everything is upto the fine line but nothing goes beyond. Overall, a Nice film and recommendable but not as a Classic.

RATING - 7/10*

By - #samthebestest

Reviewed by santhosh-10290 10 / 10

Thani Oruvan (2015)

The film was very good with many messages. Arvind Swamy rocks in the film with his stylish acting. Jayam Ravi also acted well in the movie. Songs and BGM was superb in the film.

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