The 27-Hour Day



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Karen Holness as Diane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox 6 / 10


This was a very calm Hallmark with the usual shenanigans showing up only briefly. A highly successful A-type personality who is an efficiency expert has the rug yanked out from under her when she is not invited on a speaking tour with an-Oprah Winfrey like self-help guru. "Oprah" tells her that her life is efficient but meaningless. Lauren, played by Hallmark fave, Autumn Reeser, is annoying but thanks to Autumn's charm and acting talent, not intolerably so. She goes on a prescribed retreat in Montana where she learns to calm down and sit still for a minute. She and the son of the family who owns the retreat share an attraction and become friendly. And that's about it. He is having some easily solved financial problems and is starting to regret his decision to give up veterinary school. There is a honey fest, and there is a group cooking scene where no food is thrown(!), but brownies are burnt. Also there is a kiss between the two 30 somethings that is not interrupted by a rainstorm, a snowball, or a busybody, but fades to black. Do we see them waking up together the next morning? No. But I think Hallmark was testing the waters here. If the "family-friendly" crowd doesn't rise up in protest, this type of scenario may be in the offing at some point.

By the end, Autumn, her work life balance back in balance visits her mother and turns down Oprah's invitation because a speaking tour would throw it back out of balance. The retreat owner returns to Veterinary school in upstate New York which is just a "short plane ride" from Autumn's home-base, New York City. There is only a vague hint and hope that their relationship may turn into something more significant. Another interesting take for Hallmark.

Reviewed by dorothyexeter 8 / 10

Great Leads - As Usual - for Autumn and Andrew

The plot is similar to many Hallmark films, but with a few fresh aspects and messages, with two of the best leads that Hallmark has. This makes it worth watching.

It does an excellent job showing how our reliance on technology for efficient work and play can lead to a robotic way of living, and how a balance between work commitment is required with personal emotional commitments. The importance of always caring for our loved ones and new people we meet is demonstrated beautifully with the likeable supporting cast in this film. The piglet was a cute complement!

Certainly a feel good movie, with the relationship between Autumn and Andrew developing without too much of the unrealistic gush that too many of the lower rated Hallmarks have. Some good witty banter, which is what I enjoy in these films. There was no initial meeting of the love interests in a harsh circumstance which too many of Hallmarks feel is necessary, when it is not. How many real romances start that way, anyway?

The relationship developed with both assisting each other with their view of their life journey to that point ... not by forcing any changes ... but by suggesting a few different ways to reflect and view things ... which, of course, they grow to accept in their future life path. This clearly is important in any true romantic relationship, so is demonstrated very well.

Reviewed by thenry-21249 2 / 10

No chemistry

I was a little bored with this one. Loved the idea for this movie but needed a different female lead. They barely had anything to talk about. They would make casual conversation yet look at each other with passion. Just forced. I get that the busy working Lauren needs to slow down and relax but I almost fell asleep watching this!

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