The 6th Day


Action / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Adam Gibson
Terry Crews as Vincent
Robert Duvall as Dr. Griffin Weir
Tony Goldwyn as Michael Drucker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movieed1 8 / 10

Interesting Concept Gets Better With Age

What a surprise! Must have missed this or it bombed at the box office. However watching this 18 year old movie (made in 2000), it seems to have stood the test of time. Much of the set designs, costumes and even self driving Chevy's and Drone style Helicopters! Super forward thinking concepts. It felt up to date and still relevant. Fun surprise of a flick. It has ages well like a good wine. 8 stars from me, kept our rapt attention. Well balanced and believeable sci fi, great sets, good soundtrack and lots of fun....WITHOUT ZOMBIES! LOL

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

A clichéd sci-fi thriller involved in humor touches by Arnold Schwarzenegger

In an Utopian nearly future , cloning is a habitual exercise, fish, dogs,animals and food can be cloned, but no human genre, being illegal and pursued. When Adam Gibson(Arnold Schwarzenegger, also producer) goes to home after his job as helicopters pilot along with his friend Hank(Michael Rapaport) he encounters a clone has replaced him.Then he's chased by a murderers group(Michael Rooker, Sara Wynter, Terry Crews). He flees and must to solve the weird happenings from the creator of the clones, Michael Drucken(Tony Goldwyn), whose experiments is working Dr. Griffin(Robert Duvall).

This is a gripping sci-fi story plenty of action, thrills, suspense,tension, plot-twists and quite entertaining. It's a clichéd thriller with noisy and agreeable fun . It builds gradually with an interesting premise leading an impressive and breathtaking highlights, thanks to involving plot is interesting enough to keep the movie going on. Action set pieces are well made and amusingly mixed with humor, the picture delivers just what we have come expecting.It's one of the best of those years generally inappropriate crop of blockbusters, but this one contains lots of action and enjoyable humor. A sympathetic and as corpulent as always, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the good father of family plunged into a sinister scenery he tries to find out but doesn't understand. Adequate musical score fitting perfectly to action by Trevor Rabin and colorful cinematography by Pierre Mignot.The motion picture is acceptably directed by Robert Spottiswoode. He's a successful director from TV movies and cinema, as terror genre(Terror train), adventures(Air America,Shoot to kill),drama(Children of Hang Shi), James Bond film(Tomorrow never dies), and his best movie is ¨Under fire¨.Rating: Passable and good fun film. The pic will like to California governor's fans

Reviewed by Cheese Hoven 2 / 10

Attack of the clones

This is a terrible film made worse by the fact that its underlying premise- illegal cloning- was actually strong. With a bit more effort this could have been in much the same league as Total Recall; indeed there is much about TSD which, intentionally I think, sets about to remind the viewer about that classic, but this is very much a pale imitation.

The problem is that the main premise in presented in a confusing and incoherent way. There seems to be an element of consciousness transference about the cloning process. Although this is not usual with any known cloning process, it could be made to work if it were consistently applied. But it isn't. Some characters seem to be the same person reborn in a fresh body even though they clearly died (and make light of their deaths in not very convincing comedy) while others, such as Schwarzenegger and the baddie can exist in two bodies at the same time. How does this work exactly? This is indicative of the general sloppiness of modern Hollywood.

The double dose of Arnie could have been fun but his acting is not up to the task and it comes across as particularly flat and wooden. The action scenes are ok but hardly great.

All in all, a waste of good potential

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