The 93rd Oscars



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Olivia Colman as Self - Nominee
Gary Oldman as Self - Nominee
Bryan Cranston as Self - Presenter
Frances McDormand as Self - Winner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dMraco765 1 / 10

No respect for legends

Look at the In Memoriam section - the greatest film composer who ever lived and one of the most talented artists in film history, Ennio Morricone, was not only thrown in the middle, they decided not to play one of his stunning pieces of music during the segment!

Olivia de Havilland, the last giant from the golden era, a multiple award winner, was glossed over. As was Sean Connery, demoted to a level below superhero stars. Where were the tributes, the respect?

An opportunity for a bit of class? Of course the Oscars will miss it. Awards shows need to die, only, unlike some of the legends glossed over here, very very few people will miss them.

Reviewed by ecwfanatic93 1 / 10

The Worst Oscars in Decades.

This entire show was poorly mismanaged and structured in a way that made the entire night drag on more than it ever should. The way the nominees were presented had some thought to it but ultimately was made to seem more pretentious rather than illuminating. The order of awards was obviously a poor decision as the main award of the night was given out third to last not giving the Nomadland team the recognition past winners have been given. Not only that but the restructuring was clearly to pay homage to the late Chadwick Boseman who didn't win making the show seem like a big build up to a hugely deflating moment that isn't fair to the viewers, the nominees, or the winners. The In Memoriam segment was nothing short of shameful with this cheery music accompanying fleeting images of people who didn't get their moment of recognition because of the pacing.

This is the most shameful show I have seen from watching the Oscars year to year and they must do better.

If the biggest award in film is handled this way then why have it at all.

Reviewed by mherrity 3 / 10

Long on Intrduction but Short on Memory

The long and welcomed tradition of reminding viewers of whom the world has lost took a detour at the very beginning of the segment . The Memoriam was lost to a very long, very WOKE politically correct lecture. The introduction consumed over 25% of the tribute time leaving viewers with a short salvo of the names and faces of of those who have contributed so much to the entertainment industry.

Very disappointing.

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