The Addams Family 2


Adventure / Animation / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 24%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 1412

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Chloë Grace Moretz as Wednesday Addams
Oscar Isaac as Gomez Addams
Conrad Vernon as Lurch / Spirit of the House
Courtenay Taylor as Girl in Water
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psxp 5 / 10

Boring and we were glad it was over when it was done

I watched this with kids and we all didn't really get into this this one. The first one was much much better, but this was feeling very disjointed and the jokes were lame/not funny. I was expecting it to be much better, unfortunately it wasn't.

I think the only fun scene was Niagara Falls , and only because we know that area so it was interesting.

Reviewed by christina_death 4 / 10

They didn't capture the essence of this family

These cartoons should have a distinct goth vibe along with comedy. This just doesn't capture what it should. Less bouncy pop/hip hop music that doesn't fit with The Addams family and no inane pop culture references that will get old fast and lose all meaning. Do you really need lines about squad goals and totes taking selfies? Companies that make these don't seem to understand that kids would completely understand a darker version of this.

Comedian and writer Melissa Hunter used to do a youtube series called Adult Wednesday Addams where she played the now grown up Wednesday. It was funny and original. Although other people now uploaded it on youtube again she herself was forced to delete everything from her channel by whoever is in charge of The Addams Family brand. It was extremely popular with Addams Family fans. I would love to know how she was hurting the brand with her original stories and her great dark humor, but these cartoons with their ridiculousness aren't?

Reviewed by rgkarim 8 / 10

Addam Fun Film. But Still Limited In Plot Execution


Animation is Good: It's no Pixar or Walt Disney Studios, but the MGM studios has prepared a delightful adventure that moves fluidly, has that same quirky design, and is just a fun adventure to say the least. Despite the gruesome nature of the ghouls of this family, the animation is welcoming for all ages, dark enough to be enjoyed by fans of upper years, but still appropriate for the children of the group. The caricature nature of it has a certain charm to it, and the fact the fluid nature adds whimsy to it and does it so clean and fluid makes for a nice alternative to the bigger studios.

Voice Acting: Much like the first film, I think the vocal performances are fine for the most part in this movie, still living true to the characters without coming off too stiff or one dimensional. Isaac's lead as Gomez is a nice mimicry of the classic roles, loud, boisterous, but still concerning and touching when called for. Charlize Theron is ready to bring the same poise and prim nature of Morticia that oozes the finesse of the lead female role, but again adds a slight layer of touching warmth that this installment calls for in the deeper lessons. Chloe Grace Moretz does a fantastic job with the monotone, depressed voice of Wednesday, delivering the sort of desolate and cold performance that was made famous year ago. It's that dark sass and grim outlook that sells the character's darker comedy, and she continues to pull it off quite well. Nick Kroll as well gets a nod for the imbecile of Fester. Though not the spirited performances of the past, he still captures the naïve idiocy of the Uncle, with that same charm and fun that all renditions have held long ago. I liked the expanded performance he brought in this film, that still kept to the roots, but also allowed new territory to be explored with this particular installment.

The Better Character Utilization: Again, it's not the show or the Family Values we got long ago, but this second installment for this reboot did a much better job using most of its characters in a deep manor. Gomez's approach to new avenues of parenthood were better designed to show the care for his family's well-being. Morticia still took a large amount of the show, but again held elements that were charming, fun, and still true to the character's usual elegance. Wednesday got a much larger role, and past the typical bullying of Pugsley, actually had a little more sentiment behind it despite what the girl normally does. She was certainly the centerpiece, but it worked super well with the elements and I liked seeing the story take a closer look at what lies beneath the shell. Fester, Pugsley, Thing, and even Lurch were all given some expansion as well, and though still not taking the center stage, held a purpose and some great scenes that I think wins a nod of approval from me. As for Cousin It, much better use in this film, which though primarily laugh factor and merchandizing... still was enjoyable for me.

The Comedy Mixture: True, this Addams family is geared to a much younger audience in humor with farting, slapstick, and plenty of stupid moments that they will want to watch again and again. However, there is still plenty of clever wit to the film if you keep your eyes open, including references to several quirks and tropes in the modern day. Pokes at the internet, the obsession with texting, insurance commercials, and even how nonsensical plots can get are just some of the jokes I particularly enjoyed. This mixture of both simple and complex jokes kept things interesting and fun, avoiding the traps of lazy writing that movies sometimes fall into and skirting the excessive territory quite well. Again, it is all in good fun and spirit, which I believe kids can handle with ease and grown-ups can stomach.

The Deeper Morals: Hands down I enjoyed the story taking a stab at some more grown up story arcs for the movie. The main story is all about finding oneself and what it means to be a part of a family, something many of us have had to face in a lifetime. Wednesday's search for herself ends up bleeding into just about every character, and it was nice to see the chemistry of the family challenged past the typical ghouls in a human world motif. Pugsley's story may have been more for comedic purposes, but even there they scratched into a young boy trying to push past his awkwardness and dive into a new, yet familiar, stage of life. His work with Uncle Fester continues the plot from the first movie, and again expands in both laughs and emotional moments between them.

DISLIKES: Incomplete Story Elements Still: Though I enjoyed the new story, and much of the expansion past the static tale of the first rendition, I still kind of felt this sequel did not touch on everything they could have. Pugsley's connection with his own parents is a bit limited for my tastes, and it seems like this time he was the afterthought of the family. Fester's comedic relief was fun, but his estrangement is still a bit isolating and not nearly as fleshed out as the live action movies we got back in the 90s. Yet the worst tale was the Grandmother's side hustle at home, which gets alluded to a few times but stops the roll before the snowball gets too big. Having those tangents set up a lot of fun jokes to use Bette Midler's voice talents, but that potential was dropped too quickly and seemed forgotten. Again, I'm all for creativity and fun, but execute the ordeal if you are going to make it a big point or don't include it.

The Bad Guy: While he certainly brings that Addams family quality of disturbing bad guys with that twist that is really weird, it still needs some work. Part of it was trying to make a twist for them to surprise us with, which kind of failed, so I can understand. However, the movie's villain needed more screen time and shadowy behavior then what we got with him. There is a great joke to comment about how little the villain is used, but I for one really wanted to see more planning in his use and the same meticulous infiltration into the family's gullibility than what we got, which was mainly at the end of the movie. This would have included some tertiary and secondary characters getting more opportunity to shine and elude the mystery, and offer a chance for some interactions between Fester, Pugsley, and practically anybody else.

The Ending: It's not how the tale finished that I disliked, but more so just how fast the ending hit. The second installment takes it's time and detours to help lay out the story and build up the obstacles to the family, only to have it all hit the ending too quickly. As I said in the villain section, there was not enough time or challenge by the antagonist to engage us in his threat, or even allow the Addams spirit to push their buttons. The whole conflict itself is rather simplistic and one sided, lacking the dark charm and finesse the live action movie had for solving the problem. Ture, it did bring a Fester plot point full circle to which I enjoyed several times, but still there was so much more that could have been done to extend on the fun at hand. Even the Bette Milder story seems like a tacked on add on, missing a really good closing number to put in a hasty end credits art piece.

The VERDICT: Addams Family 2 turned into a better movie for me than the first attempt at rebooting this series. I liked how the movie moved so to speak, with fun animation and spirit to help liven up the fun and keep the tale from becoming stagnant. With better character utilization, mostly, clever jokes for all ages, and a deeper moral themed narrative, it's got a lot of strengths in the family movie night department, so long as you can take an alternative to Disney. Still, the movie does have some limitations that still need to be worked out for this reviewer. Side stories need to be eliminated or utilized better, alongside working on ironing out all creases in the family story line. I'd have liked to see the villain get more time and involvement with the plot, to help capture the dark and haunting charm this family always has with them. And more importantly not rush the ending and hastily tie up the tale they are working hard to tell. Still, this one was fun to watch at home, and if you had a group, could be a fun trip to the theaters. I encourage everyone giving this a look at in the future. My scores are:

Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 7.5 Movie Overall: 6.5.

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