The Adventures of Maid Marian



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 4uncle_remus 3 / 10

Not really a winner!

I just watched the Adventures of Maid Marion. Unfortunately, it was an amateurish attempt at an action movie. Each scene was without an attempt to make it real. The finishing touch for me was in the last scene where Marion kills the sheriff and her sword doesn't contain any blood.

Reviewed by justmatt-07768 8 / 10

Great fun!

Thinking about this afterwards made me feel nostalgic. Like it would be the kind of story we'd peform as kids in the woods if we had a budget, and real swords and armour - and that's where the charm of the film is. The film makers and cast obviously had a blast making this and their passion shines through. Sure it's low budget but they squeeze every penny and put it on screen. Sophie Craig is a delight as Marian; equally bad-ass as she is vulnerable. And it's Marian's own story; it's not a carbon copy of Robin Hood, it's a Maid Marian film, and there is so much room for more. Sequel please! I want to see more.

Reviewed by Sergiodave 2 / 10

Quite awful

The only good thing about this movie is its length. I've seen better acting at a kid's nativity play, and the script might well have been written by a kindergarten attendee. At the time of writing this there were 9 reviews on IMDb, 8 of which gave 10/10 and were all first time reviewers, quelle surprise! Avoid like the plague.

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