The Allnighter


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 1104

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Joan Cusack as Gina
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Todd Field as Bellhop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hessian499 5 / 10

Far from a classic, but a must for Bangles fans

The Allnighter is mostly a vehicle for Bangle Susanna Hoffs and she does a good job with it. Hoffs in fact saves this movie, as you get the feeling if she wasn't in it the movie would be pretty hopeless and completely forgotten by now.

Somewhat derivative of many mid-to-late 1980s teen and college comedies, the plot really isn't much new, though it is fun to see the 80s fashion and hear music from that era again. Despite the weak plot, it will remind you of a time before you had to go out into the "real" world, and you can recall many of the desires and hopes put forth.

Hoffs rarely talks about this film in interviews, and critics have not been very kind to it over the years. While not up to the level of films of the same era made by people like John Hughes, The Allnighter is worth a look once, more if you like and/or remember the Bangles.

Reviewed by natascha-lully 6 / 10

funny, relaxing movie

Okay, this might not be an award winning movie but it's sure worth watching! Love the scenery, the eighties style and the obligated happy ending of course! Sometimes it even made me wish I was there! A prep school in a tropical location, lots of pretty people, fun beach parties and lots of cocktails. And hey, mustn't it be wonderful to have a student house at the beach? Susanna did not act that bad and Joan Cusack is her own funny self of course! I saw this movie when I was a teenager, about 15 years ago and loved every second of it, even watched it more than once! Maybe you don't need any brains to understand this movie but must life always be so serious? It most certainly is NOT boring, just watch it with a big bag of popcorn and have fun!

Reviewed by OKCRay 6 / 10

Light, 80s beach movie

I've always enjoyed the Bangles and Susanna Hoffs, and I purchased the DVD not expecting much more than a light, fun 80s throwback to the Bikini Beach movies. That pretty much is The Allnighter in a nutshell, but there's nothing wrong with that. The plot centers on three college roommates (Susanna Hoffs, DeDee Pfeiffer and Joan Cusack) having one last fling before college graduation. Susanna is absolutely gorgeous as Molly, the Pacifica College valedictorian who is still searching for that one earth-shattering romance, and although there's not much to the story, there are some wonderful moments (including the jail scene, featuring what must be the filthiest toilet ever to appear in a major motion picture), and I loved Pam Grier's cameo as Sgt. McLeish. An interesting aspect of this movie is how it went back and forth from film to "camcorder" at least 10 years before Blair Witch came out (and 5 years before MTV hit us with "The Real World"). Speaking of which, how about that primitive, bulky Olympus "camcorder" that Joan Cusack lugged around throughout the movie? Remember when those were "state-of-the-art"? Or how about the huge, clunky answering machine in the girls' beach house? Totally 80s, no doubt about it. If you're expecting Oscar-caliber entertainment here, skip this. However if all you're looking for is a fun movie to watch on a rainy day, check your high expectations at the door and enjoy!

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