The Amusement Park


Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 1427

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Quinoa1984 10 / 10

How to Feel the Problem cinematically speaking

First of all, you know you're a forever Dawn of the Dead fanatic if you can spot the canned-public-domain music cues in this film (hint, it's the rich man/poor man food serving scene, shot like a silent film "comedy" of course).

This is above all how the pain and agony in life itself and all of the irreparable harm that it causes, from the police and classism to bonds and simple human connections to infirmary and violence both mental and physical, can catch up to what is supposed to be good gay old times. If the undead were a metaphor for chaos and unbridled instinct and what it means to be human, the Amusement Park is about reality itself becoming unglued when whatever made sense is dissolving away. And God help you if you don't have insurance for that bumper car accident!

What does it get old? Well, it means realizing how much people, so called polite society working in the Social Contracts, don't care so much about other people if it doesn't mean what it did before - if use and transactional purpose are null. We're savage cretins, folks, is what Romero uses the form of an Educational program to get at, and let's use the camera to get under your proverbial skin! It's satire that is Dead serious, no pun intended for this filmmaker, and it surely would've cracked Kafka's top ten list had it come out at the time (or if you know he was alive but why carp). This is how a nightmare works, or at least like one of those funky dreams that goes on for far too long and is too vivid to not revisit.

Like the Other Side of the Wind (by one of Romero's idols Orson Welles), the rediscovery serves as a solid reminder that innovators will use whatever is accessible to not necessarily (or not just) seek out to find new ways to tell stories but to use the tools of Cinema to try to create impressions via style. Romero like Welles was also an editor, and how he cuts this together is what makes it; the 16mm is grainy and washed out even in 4k restoration, but that's also the dark allure of it. Too clean and it wouldn't have the effect of being kicked the s*** out of this way and that.

Oh, and what a phenomenal performance by Maazel!

Reviewed by davisnoise 10 / 10

A film that is a punch in the face to the absurdity of reality!

A film that is a punch in the face to the absurdity of reality! And shown un-apologetically.

First off George was a deep thinker and hated injustice and made a film that felt like a time capsule black mirror episode with aspects and respects to Charles Dickens/ Lewis Carroll/ Mark Twain/Fellini/Godard/Buster Keaton/ W. C. Fields with a deeper Bergman honesty to suffering with a "Dead of Night" loop.

In it's frame work it reminded me of Frank & Eleanor Perry's "The Swimmer" (1968) especially the finale in the public pool but expanded upon with constant all bases covered social message about injustice and abuse.

The freak show, the fortune teller present future were deep down well done and made me want to cry and perfect way to show self hatred is taken out upon another.

The music especially on the rollacoaster kicked.

The jump cuts were perfect and bravo on the sound design, especially the throwback to silent films in the lunch scene.

So happy he made another piece that is similar in vein to Hungry Wives/Season of the Witch.

It should be shown in high schools and colleges and not just in the film or art classes.

Where the living are zombies and the nerves of the viewer are shocked with blunt honesty... asking do you have a heart? Where is your brain and what have you done with courage?

Reviewed by clk264-649-716463 10 / 10

Wonderful lost gem from the most iconic horror Director

It's an educational film directed by George A. Romero, a few years after "Night" and before "The Crazies" about the dangers of elder abuse, because, whether we want to admit it or not: we will all get old, if we are lucky.

What separates this educational film from all the others, is that this gives a more nightmarish look at respecting elders, as opposed to making it a joke or lighthearted, as other films have done in the past.

The old man in the movie, is very confused as to why people are reacting to him, which, is confusing to the viewer, because, we don't see what he's doing is being wrong or inappropriate. However, the younger people know that they can take advantage of the elderly, and, this is what causes the terror in reality and in the movie.

To me, the best part of the movie is whenever the old man is just being friendly to children, and, a younger man yells at him saying something like "what are you doing those children? Are you a creep?" This is a very realistic thing, which, people often times will think that just because you're being friendly that you must be a child molester or, you want something in return, when in fact you're just being friendly.

See you in the park, someday.

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