The Ancines Woods

1970 [SPANISH]

Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 340


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martinchaide 10 / 10

One of the best Spanish films ever made

If cinema is about moving your mind to another time or space, then this film is a masterpiece. Today, when you see an historical movie (at least an Spanish one), you can't help perceiving it just like several xxi century guys acting disguised like people of ancient times, but when you watch this movie you are literary moved 100 years ago, far way from your everyday life, and you can feel very well the darkness of these times, when the barrier among superstition and reality was confuse and someone like the mean character of the film, a miserable man unable to control his criminal impulses, could be confused with a "lobisome" (werewolf). In the other hand, on the contrary of most of American films, there is not unnecessary violence on this one and even when Benito Freire (the werewolf) is an assassin, as the film is going by you can just feel sorrow for him.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 8 / 10

gradually the ghastly tale unfolds

Most effective matter of fact Spanish horror set in the mid 19th century and seemingly based upon a true story. Most convincing with ancient looking primitive village folk going about their very basic daily life and in their midst someone who, we have seen in the pre-credit sequence suffers a traumatic event whilst a young child. The implication is clear and gradually the ghastly tale unfolds as at first we seem to see the old peddler turn into a werewolf and kill and later clearly more the victim of his own being. Some of the village scenes are a little on the dark side but the woods look amazing and make for a superb setting for the various violent incidents, of which, it has to be said we do not see very much. The finale is a wondrous sight seeming as it is to be a realistic or even real version of what we have seen so many times before when the villages take up arms for the hunt.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Pretty good mystery/terror movie with terrific acting by the always great José Luis López Vázquez.

A traveling vendor, Benito Freire : Jose Luis López Vázquez, rolls through the forest causing a criminal spree . He seems to be a kindly , good man , loved by the villllage priest : Antonio Casas , but he's also the monster feared by all. Along the way , Benito dedicates to peddling across villages and towns and while suffering serious epilepsy attacks , and there's an intense rumor that spands here and there, as he's reportedly possessed by demonic forces .Then, people are disappearing , mutilated cadavers present surgical cuts along with savage gashes , giving way to the legend of Werewolf .

Highly engrosssing terror-mystery flick displaying drama, suspense and social habits from Galicia region. The frightening story starts well and grows more and more until a downbeat finale . It is some different , packing Galician legends and actual events with clear remarks to a killer character who really existed .Filmmaker Pedro Olea shows compellingly the Galician social customs in XIX Century , a hard environment dominated by envy , ambition and misery .Interesting script by Juan José Porto who was actually a descendant of Romasanta/Benito Freire's advocate at law . Being based on the novel El Bosque de Ancines or The Ancines Woods by Carlos Martinez Barbeite .Here stands out the awesome acting from starring Jose Luis López Vázquez as the unsettling and deranged peddler Freire. Being accompanied by a plethora of familiar faces , such as : Amparo Soler Leal ,Antonio Casas , Nuria Torray, Víctor Israel , Maria Vico, Rafael Hernández, Alfredo Mayo, Imma de Santi, Fernando Sánchez Polack , among others .It displays an atmospheric cinematography by cameraman Aurelio G. Larraya, showing splendidly the lush Galician forests .As well as evocative soundtrack including folk , traditional music by Antonio Perez Olea .

The picture is based on the true-life story of Manuel Blanco Romasanta , the traveling vendor, who confessed to the murders of thirteen people , using their body fat to make soap. Romasanta was tried in Állariz in 1852 and avoided capital punishment by proclaiming he was a werewolf . Being judged and condemned by Audiencia Provincial Coruña. He is deemed to be the first and only case of Spanish Licantropy . In similar facts was shot in 2004 "Romasanta : The werewolf Hunt" by Paco Plaza with Julián Sands , Elsa Pataky , Maru Valdivieso.

El Bosque Del Lobo 1970 was competently directed by Pedro Olea ,in his second picture . His first one was Dias de Viejo Color . After that , for six years , Pedro Olea dedicated in advertising and documentary as "Guernica" , "River of Bilbao" and TV series as "Cuentos y Leyendas" and other about Basque themes . With "Un Hombre llamado Flor de Otoño" , Pedro Olea returns to shoot , thanks to subsidy of the Basque government . Subsequently , he made a trilogy about Madrid : "Tormento", "Pim Pam Pum Fuego" and "La Corea" . But his biggest hit were "A Man Called Flor de Otoño" with Jose Sacristan and "Fencing Master" or El Maestro de Esgrima with Asumpta Serna . He also directed "Bandera Negra" about gun smuggling and a military thriller : " Morirás in Chafarinas" . And Olea made two movies dealing with witchery : " La Leyenda del Cura de Bargota" and " Akelarre" . While "El Bosque del Lobo" 1970 is considered to be one of the best films in his prestigious career .

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