The Archer


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 729

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Bailey Noble as Lauren Pierce
Dendrie Taylor as Kara Pierce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bronzesrv 5 / 10

The System Sucks...

This movie really held my attention, of course it made me angry because I know abuse like this in our so-called justice system exists! I think they ended it too soon, it would have been nice to follow up on how the girls came out and to bring down that corrupt judge. The warden and his son got exactly what they deserved. It irritated me when they broke in the warden's house and didn't get away quick enough, she should have killed him right then! Not lightly injure him, for him to follow them. But I guess if that hadn't happened we wouldn't have had a movie now would we. I see a lot of homophobia in the comments.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10

Sign the paper.

Plot spoilers?

Baily Noble plays an archer with the name Pierce...and the writing goes down from there. She is charges with assault and goes before a judge without a lawyer. She gets sentenced to boot camp where they abuse the inmates. If you have ever seen a prison girl film then you know she escapes and blows the whistle on judges who abuse the private criminal pay system which leads to graft in the justice system.

While the film deals with an issue, it didn't give us enough character build up on Lauren Pierce. The film dialogue was not good. Climax scene involve a surprise.

Guide: Partial F-word, partial nudity.

Reviewed by hello41 7 / 10

a mediocre movie with strong message

Is is my opinion that if one is to grade a movie they should consider not only performance of the crew and special effects but also the meaning and the necesity of it all. The message of this movie, wich apparently (read other comments) in not so obvious, it the best part of this production.

The movie is about the consequences of blind belief in the system and about the stupidity of opinion that the truth and innocence are enought to protect anyone. Obviously it is not The Shawshank Redemption but it is good enough for a boring evening.

Last thing. It is not necessarily a lesbian movie as there is only one girl that defines her sexual orientation. As to others: a person broken by years of abuse would be anything if it pleases their savior and drunken girl that tries to experiment with her best friend does not necessarily count as gay.

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