The Art of Love

2011 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1713

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Gaspard Ulliel as William
Judith Godrèche as Amélie

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Reviewed by writeagain 10 / 10

Art of love

I was shocked with the "crap" review here. I wish you guys learned French and read a bit about this film on for example. It's not a rip-off from Woody Allen, the director admits that he loves Woody Allen, Eric Rohmer et al. And yes, "L'art d'aimer" was influenced by those masters. Be warned, if you prefer r'n'b over Mozart and Schubert you will have hard time watching this. And maybe that guy is right, the director doesn't know "the life". Because that Frenchie is not from Pittsburgh after all. The film is based on Emmanuel Mouret personal notes about love and life, each story is like a visual illustration to another thought. So just relax and watch, it's all about love, nothing else.

Reviewed by franciefb 7 / 10

It is an entertaining film...

This is the first review that I wrote here, because I felt the need upon reading strange reviews of this movie.

First of all, this is a FRENCH movie, if you fail to understand. So if you don't know anything about their culture, their lives, or their sense of humour, or this is your first French movie, of course you don't understand this, you don't love it and you wrote crap about it.

So if you like French cinema, and light hearted comedies, (and romance), you will definitely like this one. Yes, in some scenes it seems like porn, BUT almost all french movies contains some sex scenes, so it is no big deal, because the movie is not all about those scenes.

As one reviewer stated, there is also an app for allocine, you can look all the movies that you want.

Reviewed by salfan2 1 / 10

The Most Egregious Piece Of Mediocre Imitative Crap...

This filmmaker should have his license to create films revoked until he's actually lived some life, as opposed to regurgitating tone and moments from Woody Allen, Rohmer and Truffaut. But without their wit and intelligence. I just saw this dreadful waste of time at COLCOA in Los Angeles. I've never wanted to shoot an off-screen narrator in the larynx before, but the vapid, pointless words coming at the audience to tie the random bits together is painful to listen to. And the incessant piano music from Mozart and Chopin to give the movie some class, or provide an ironic counterpoint counts as some kind of elder master musical abuse. All of the talented actors are utterly wasted as they serve the one-dimensional puppetry manipulated by the writer/director to fulfill his desperate attempt to be humorous. This film is the problem with film-school geeks who've been unjustly praised for their early short work, but have NO idea how human beings actually behave.

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